Wednesday, December 27, 2006

christmas 2006 - moving to sampaloc

well i've been spending these days before and after christmas packing the stuff im going to bring to manila. i didn't think it'll break my heart dividing my stuff whether i'll leave it my "true" home or to my apartment. i admit, i'd still want to have a "feel" of the place before i can trust it enough to contain some of my most personal stuff (hahaha drama) so i decided not to bring a lot of personal stuff, just the bare necessities hehehe. i hope i'll have a great time in manila and i find the time i was looking for so i can study...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

countdown to christmas

in the last one and a half week before christmas break started, our phoneline in the entire neighborhood broke down so my snail-paced dial-up internet wasn't functional. i thought i might benefit from trying to remember all the wonderful school memories this christmas.

last week i thought i was going to have edema because of SO MUCH walking in the malls, i think we've rounded up the mall of asia three times plus nine straight hours in sm city north edsa plus hours and hours of after-class time spent in sm san lazaro scouring for gifts... funny, i didn't think i was an endurance shopper, a sport verle and steff seems to be experts of (hehehe don't kill me)

we had our tribong irregreg christmas luncheon con merienda in wok and i got the first thing on my wish list!!! thank you lester for my "the O.C." dvds!!! i go to sleep 4 am these days watching this thing hahaha

my new batchmates from a1 decided to have an eat-all-you-can dinner in cabalen. i admit, i didn't like the food there, i was in good company though. afterwards we went to mark's house for a videoke challenge and a game of charades.

we had our class christmas party in candice's house. party's really nice, and the food was SOOOO GOOD, can't say anthing about it, it was just good good good (and i'm really hard to please in this area hehehe). anywhoo, steff finally knew who i picked up for the class exchange gift hahaha!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

greatest advance xmas gift (to the umpteeenth time)

kuya anthony gave me the barbra streisand 4 disc set 'just for the record' a compilation of rare unreleased recordings from barbra's career including a recording of her singing with her 1955 self and a recording of her singing with a recording of her mom's beautiful voice. wonderful... just perfect...


Saturday, December 09, 2006

birthdays are great!

we celebrated me-an, miong, steff, and jc's birthday in a quick sweep. and verle's "birthday fund" plan was great. how can i loose all the food that i ate?!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Streisand is Concert Queen

Billboard reports that her 20 concerts has grossed more than $92 million and set house records in 14 of the 16 arenas. Also, in the 2 arenas that she didn't break the record, she already holds the records in the top spot (MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas), and the top two spots (Madison Square Garden, New York City). Her performances will be released as a double CD titled Barbra Streisand Live on February 2007.
***, the leading source for the most comprehensive selection of tickets at the lowest prices, today announced the top ten highest selling concerts, venues, sporting events and theatrical productions of 2006. Revenue data is based on TicketNetwork exchange statistics from December 1st, 2005 to November 30th, 2006.

"Fans are increasingly making their online ticket destination of choice, especially for must-see events," said Donald Vaccaro, CEO, "Our high level of customer service, combined with low prices and the most extensive ticket inventory available online, is why customers keep returning to for all of their ticket needs."

Broadway's popular "Wicked" tops the theatre rankings as the highest selling show on with more than triple the sales of any other production. "Wicked's" home on Broadway, the George Gershwin Theatre, the largest theater on Broadway, is ranked first among venues with the most ticket sales. Still a newcomer to Broadway, "Jersey Boys" is second on the list. The musical won four 2006 Tony Awards, including Best Musical and continues to be a must-see production among theater-goers. The "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" is the third most popular theatrical production on

Fans of the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees hit ticket sales out of the ball park with rankings first and second respectively in the sports ticket sales category. The legendary rival teams generated more than double the combined ticket sales of the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs and the Denver Broncos.
On the concert circuit, Barbra Streisand fans clearly prefer as their online source for tickets. Coast to coast, ticket sales for Babs' concerts were more than double the ticket sales of American Idol Live!, the popular Cheetah Girls, and the Rolling Stones. The husband-wife team of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill ranked second, ahead of Madonna's "Confessions Tour" which ranked third. 2006 Rankings of Ticket Sales

1 Wicked
2 Boston Red Sox
3 Barbra Streisand
4 Jersey Boys
5 Radio City Christmas Spectacular
6 Soul2Soul II: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
7 New York Yankees
8 Madonna
9 The Cheetah Girls
10 American Idols Live!

1 Barbra Streisand
2 Soul2Soul II: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
3 Madonna
4 The Cheetah Girls
5 American Idols Live!
6 Rolling Stones
7 Jimmy Buffett
8 Kenny Chesney
9 Dave Matthews Band

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in The Barbra Streisand Forum

Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Feet

wonderful animation, i didn't like the ending much though

Sunday, November 26, 2006


a1 picture taken from rj's isight ^_^

Stand Up for Love

i heard this in our ethics class this week. wonderful song.

Stand Up for Love
Destiny's Child

There are times I find it hard to sleep at night
We are living through such trouble times
And every child that reaches out
For someone to hold
For one moment
They become my own

And how can I pretend that I don't know
What's going on?
When every second
And every minute
Another soul is gone

And I believe that in my life
I will see
An end to hopelessness
Or giving up
Or suffering

Then we all stand together this one time
Then no one will get left behind
And stand up for lifeStand up
And here me sing
Stand upFor love

Im inspired
And hope
For each and everyday
That's how I know that things are going to change
So how can I pretend that I don't know
What's going on?
When every second
And every minute
Another soul is gone

And I believe that in my life
I will see
An end to hopelessness
Or giving up
Or suffering

If we all stand together this one time
Then no one will get left behind
And stand up for life
Stand up
For love

And it all starts right here
And it starts right now
One person stand up man!
And the rest will follow
From the forgotten
And From the Unloved

Im gonna sing this song,

And I believe
That in my life
I will see
An end to hopelessness
Or giving up
Or suffering

If we all stand together this one time
Then no one will get left behind
And stand up
for lifest
and up
and sing
Stand up
For love

Monday, November 20, 2006

Duke of York Pizzeria

after watching casino royale and these other two doing their shopping, we had dinner in the Duke of York Pizzaria and got lucky MYMP was doing a stint on a stage just behind my back! free entertainment, la dolce vita!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

movies movies

the past two mondays while waiting for 7pm so i can drive home, i watched:
daniel convinced me he was bond, that's good enough for me. i missed 'q' and miss moneypenny though. it was fun seeing bond really fall in love with someone, maybe his first and last...

well... kelly carlson is KELLY CARLSON (kimber in nip/tuck) she is just totally gorgeous and she's a super damsel in distress here. the story, is a big piece of sh*t but in fairness the direction and photography is... acceptable...

Monday, November 06, 2006

the prestige

great movie. loved the twists. you'll realize all the answers were there all along...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

calle calachuchi

just woke up from 12 hours of sleep after getting back from sandy's pansol house ^_^ super thank you to sandy and her mom, we enjoyed our "vacation." we went there wednesday lunchtime then settled in and i prepared roast chicken for dinner that night with verle's veggies. kimby's bf martin arrived in time for dinner but jc arrived around midnight. i didn't know it was going to be a "pamorningan," jc indulged us with his sprite/redbull/jagermeister bomb nyehehe which was surprisingly... good! but two shots for me was already the bomb! i was able to get through the pamorningan kwentuhan shouting away in the magic sing nyahahaha. we cooked and ate breakfast so our martin can go to work and we can "sleep" hehehe

come waking up time we had our lunch at about 4 pm and then we walked around sandy's borough and had our picture taking session. we swam and then prepared our grilled goodies with steff/verle/jc/me preparing kebab and bbqued liempo. we didn't even get to eat half of it on our midnight dinner! we retired at around 3 and i didn't know jc and verle hacked at chismis until the morning hehehe. i really enjoyed their company and i hope we get to do this again... soon!!!


more pictures from laguna >>

Thank You Mama Mary!

Thank you for praying hard for us! Especially Miong, Kim and Sandy.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Starting Here, Starting Now

this is my new favorite streisand song, for my katribos:

Music by : David Shire
Words by : Richard Maltby

Starting here, Starting now
When we walk, we walk together
Year by year, starting here
Starting now When we talk
We will say the most with silence
When we're near
Starting here
Now when you sleep
You will dream a dream
That's free from care
For now when you wake
I'll be there so be still
Take my hand
For the greatest journey
Heaven can allow
Starting love Starting here
Starting now
Now take my hand
For the greatest journey
Heaven can allow
Starting love
Starting here
Starting now...

Monday, October 16, 2006

old spaghetti house

old spaghetti house last friday with the tribong irregreg
saw s a1 there too!

more pictures >>

a few days ago...

october 12, 2006

Is it right that the worse exhibition of rudeness must happen in your own house? From you own family even? Why are kids nowadays up to the neck in their bad attitude?

I grew up in a time when you couldn’t even look up when not being told to, when you can’t answer back except when you’re being asked questions. I think these times, 2000… 2006… has been way too long since the RIGHT way of bringing up children has gone. My friend agrees with me, we do what we are told, no questions, no discussions, while these kids, YOU need to understand them!? WTF!?

I don’t know why we tolerate this, I certainly do and will NOT! I will not tolerate my own brother disrespecting me not even three minutes into his arrival, especially when the reason is totally absurd!

I am writing this so I won’t forget. Practice tolerance, yes, but everyone and everything to his/its own place and time. I think about all the people, young people who I happen to observe are waaaaay too bad-mannered for my generation. Good luck and goodnight!!! And yes I mean that in the most sarcastic way I can.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

let's get it straight...

this is a great post from the streisand forum about the "shut the fuck up incident."

by: newyorker

It can hardly be a surprise to those of us who were at the concert on Monday night that the press would be having a field day over the heckling incident. What is a surprise, to me at least, is that some of her fans are upset by it.

As I recall, Barbra had already finished singing Have I Stayed Too Long at the Fair?, when the persistent heckler (fan? hardly) shouted something to her. The bush sketch was over. Barbra made some light hearted comments about the freedoms an artist enjoys in this country. Then she moved on to the next song.

What was the guy trying to accomplish, if not ruin the concert for the rest of us? Nobody paid $750 to hear from him. Heckling is rude, period. Could Barbra have made a joke about it? Sure, but instead, she flashed a brilliant Brooklyn born fire and effectively fought back against the "don't criticize our beloved chairman" trance in which increasing numbers of Americans have been suspended.

She reprimanded the guy, and later apologized for losing her cool. Both the expletive and the acknowledgement showed her to be human, honest, and open. It was thrilling to have her step outside her guard, it made me like her all the more.

When was it decided that artists have no right to interpret the world as they see it? Would anyone dare tell Picasso to forget Spain and just paint the bowl of fruit, put it in a pretty frame, and keep his mouth shut?

What of the song writers of the sixties? What of Isadora Duncan? What of every artist who has looked at what is beautiful, what is horrific, what is breathtaking, what is heart breaking, what is common, or what is miraculous, and put it in focus for us? Have they all been out of line?

When was it decided that we no longer need to have our world shown to us through the eyes and hands and vocal chords of the people whose job is to share what they percieve?

The truth is that we need them more now than ever.

How can anyone call themselves a Streisand fan without knowing what she is? Does no one remember how she rented a flatbed truck and opened her NYC townhouse to campaingn for Bella Abzug? Barbra has been active politically for almost her entire career. Could anyone be surprised that she has strong political convictions at this stage of the game?

Barbra has more than the rights shared by the Dixie Chicks or Madonna. She has experience and knowledge that most of us do not have. She could easily teach a college course in political activism, and knows what she is talking about when she criticizes the bush administration.

When she gave an interview with Diane Sawyer last year, she was ridiculed in the press the next day for having claimed that Global Warming was the cause of the strong hurricanes we have seen recently. One news program showed footage of Barbra singing Second Hand Rose, dressed in sequins, and clowning around. The caption read "Hurricane Babs." The anchorman snidely said that there was probably more politics than science behind Barbra's comments. He went on to add that if all those environmentalists would just look at history, they would see that nature goes through periods of warming and cooling as a matter of course.

Well, this was when the bush administration was still denying the existence of global warming, so that was the script the poor dolt had to work with. As we all know now, extreme changes in weather are indeed a result of global warming. In other words, Barbra and her scientist friends were right.

Remember when Barbra spoke out against the impending invasion of Iraq, claiming that Saddam had no arsenal of weapons? She was ridiculed for that, too. A Jewish woman defending a Muslim ruler? Well, time has surely shown that he had no weapons, after all. The UN inspections had worked. Barbra and her liberal friends were right.

Maybe instead of getting angry at her for daring to call a spade a spade, whether she is confronting a dishonest and corrupt administration or an obnoxious heckler, we should be grateful that we have an artist like Streisand. An artisit who is well informed and truly brave.

One more thing. Barbra has never been just a singer. Ask any girl with an unusual look, or any gay man from the midwest. She represents many things to many people, which is one of the reasons she is adored with such fervor. Most of her fans do understand this, and expect nothing less than the full package when they pay good money to see her perform.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Days are Here Again!

barbra kicks off her with her north american tour for charity in philadelphia today. i wish i could've been there, she was from those present in AMAZING state of voice, hitting notes even from her 70's songs. and funny... she had a skit with a GW Bush impersonator hehehe.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Monday, October 02, 2006


congratulations to the growling tigers! wow! what a feat, this is a great treat. may God continue to bless our university. -lz

Sunday, October 01, 2006

before i sleep

This is by far, the BEST birthday I’ve had… literally. For one, I’m not sick! What a feat, and I almost didn’t make it hahaha. Wow really can’t believe it… tsk… tsk… tsk…

The whole two weeks before my birthday is one BIG VACATION for ust-fms medstudents, no one’s grumpy!!! to the point that were already not happy this is happening hahaha, but alas of course I really feel for those affected by milenyo (my big rest at their expense, sigh…)

marge & tina - my heart's to you both. you know how i'll do anything for you!!! be safe, and think about how i'll frown if you do *wink *wink stuff hehehe.

robert - thank you for the greeting, we haven't talked again yet, but i'll greet you happy birthday in advance already!

architect raison! - thanks, you remembered, i'll never forget yours hahaha! and you know why too ^_^

claude - thanks for remembering! don't worry i'll keep my steady supply of pictures for you hahaha!

a12008 - thank you thank you thank you for the greetings! you just don't know how verle, miong, and i appreciate being in your subsection, ingit sa min si steff kasubsec namin kayo hahaha

miong, sandy, nia, kim, ron, doodz, and kayester!!!!! - salamat ng sobra you made my day today

steff & verle - wow OMG can't wait to sleep whaaaaa sobrang thank you!!!!!!!! everyday, everyday you two make me smile

tito roman & tita pat - thanks, thanks, thanks, for putting up with my demands hahaha!

tita lites! - thank you for the cake, and thanks kayo praktisan kong mag-bp hehehe

kuya anthony! - wow thanks for the barbra+tony duet, wonderful!

to my lolo (in heaven) & to tin - guys i share this birthday with, we're great people! ha!

to my lola ning, tia pol & lola gunding(+) - thank you for taking care of me

to my mommy, daddy and potsy - i'm a big pain in the ass i know, hehehe pagpasensyahan niyo na lang ako ^_^

mama mary - thank you for praying for me

to God - thank you im still alive and thank you for everything

p.s. i know i might have missed a lot of people, hehehe bad memory, just quack ^_^ to everyone who greeted me thank you so very much! this is the last year im going to age hahaha!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Milenyo & The La Naval Enthronement

wow! what a storm! i don't recall one storm hitting this strong since i was a kid i can tell you. and i must say, whoever announced the cancellation of classes a day before did a GREAT job! i can't imagine sending the kids (as well as me) home when everything's already flying off the roofs, big billboards already smashing cars, trees already being uprooted... just imagine.

but of course nothing can deter me from seeing through the enthronement of the La Naval. it was very emotional, there was no electricity and yet the church was almost filled to capacity. we were praying the rosary in the dark because the church's generator can only illuminate the altar (this is one big church). the image of the virgin was rolled down the isle in candlelight and we all heard the tiples heavenly voices amdist the silence and darkness. you'd be really moved to tears.

more la naval 2006 pictures >>

a lot of trees in the sto. domingo compound were brought down by the wind but people braved to see the start of the yearly festivities. it's the second day of novena today and there's still no electricity in that area of quezon city. i'm sure Mama Mary really appreciates the faith and she'll totally pray for us ^_^

Step Up

watched this monday afternoon(!?) can't even remember anymore hehehe it wasn't great, it wasn't bad either. in short it did nothing to me hahaha, the dancing, well... yes good but not great. not a candidate for my dvd collection

Saturday, September 23, 2006


i recall the week that's just passed. it's totally a mix up of good and annoying experiences.


of course we had our med quiz (disaster) and our repeat-bgd (disaster in epic proportions hehehe). the rest of the day was uneventful.


the most happy memory was our ophtha quiz with dr. j. lopez HAHAHAHA and even though i still didn't get 10 with his medweek "promo." im greatful to have a teacher such as him, you just don't learn, you also have fun.

we also had our "mother's class" in community pediatrics and swam in our sweats as we went back and entertained our community with presentations about diseases to increase awareness

more pictures from community pediatrics >>


i had to totally cram for my journal report in the afternoon for surgery. fortunately dr. erasmo didn't arrive. i have to really prepare for this becuase he really liked the journal we chose. sigh... both fortunate and unfortunate


our subsec presented a case in gynecology, congratulations to sab and rj, you did really well. after classes, we watched MSE's theatrical play, it was really entertaining!

watching the MSE Play
(ganda na ng seats sa audi parang gateway hehehe)


no classes! pfft but we had to do pool and compile our data in community pediatrics (with a lot of mishaps). but after that we enjoyed watching freshmen night and all the freshies' antics hehehe and enjoyed each other's company later at the afterparty in katips bar in thomas mow-rae-toe nyahahaha.

steff + verle + nina + kim + martin,
sa'n na ko?? katips bar, tomas morato


Monday, September 18, 2006


One might observe that UST students, and medstudents in particular have a sixth sense when it’s time to leave the medbuilding hehehe. This afternoon, as I went out of plastic surgery, my last class, my head immediately looked up the box roof, smelled the air and looked at Verle, “you better go home right away, it’s going to rain.” She hurries down the stairs and we part ways without much talk. It is obvious there’s no more time for small talk. As for me, I have to brave the weather, my ‘auto’s color coding today. I picked up books to read and headed for the library.

As if by cue, when the first thunder roared, everyone in the library looked out the windows, some even went out the door of the reading area to have a look see of the type of rain we have for the day. Hehehe and as if we had a collective mind, everybody looked at each other, picked up their things and hurried out. I surmise that most of the people who spend up to closing time are “coding” for that day. Everyone agrees in their mind that the risk of getting caught is so insignificant as compared to having to go home past 12 because of the flood.

It’s just really sad. One, if not the most prestigious medical school in the country; a university where the pope himself chooses the next rector, becomes flooded with not even an hour of rain. And I’m not joking. I arrive in school early enough to see the janitors clearing water inside the medbuilding (yes!) when it happened to rain hard the night before. We already had the experience of getting a class of 100+ cramped in a room because the CME auditorium (in the first floor) can’t be use because it was flooded the night before. Sigh… almost funny but I’m really embarrassed.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

La Naval de Manila 2006

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
2006 Festivities
Enthronement - Sept 28 5:00 P.M.
Novena - Everyday 5:30 P.M.
Feast Day Mass - (i forgot i will update hehehe)
Feast Day Procession - (i forgot i will update hehehe)
I'll see you there!


Adios, Reina del cielo
Madre, Madre del Salvador
Adios, Adios!
Adios, dulce prenda adorada
Dulce prenda adorada de mi sincero amor.
Adios, Reina del cielo, adios adios.
Madre del Salvador, Madre del Salvador
De tu divino rosto la belleza al dejar
Permiteme que vuelva tus plantas a besar;
He quedado O Maria, abrasado en tu amor
Quedate adios Senora, adios, adios
Dame tu bendicion, Dame to bendicion
Madre del Salvador, Madre del Salvador.
Madre amorosa, prenda de amor
Adios, adios!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

oyster boy

more pics >>

a benign week it was

the happiest week of third year so far dare i may say. well it began with a frown-inducing two quiz monday but after that it was fun fun fun! tuesday we had fun in ophtha using the indirect ophthalmoscope and of course our own handy direct ophthalmoscopes.

here we are in ophtha

tessie reporting in the medicine big group discussion (monday)

me-an using the indirect ophthalmoscope on warren the batch's number one

tuesday had us going back to our pedia communities and we again saw MM and RR and aling baby (our family) had siomai after that and then planned how to celebrate kaye-ki's (hehehe) birthday on wednesday. (see previous post) kaye treated us in dampa macapagal boulevard (in the reclamation site) then we had coffee at starbucks SM mall of asia agcaoili (nyehehe). we were very brave going out on a wednesday night and why not!? we had no classes thursday morning! yeah... this is just too good to be true i was thinking. we had a recollection thursday morning at the auditorium and i accompanied the choir during the mass. well, this introduced my mistake-laden talent to my new batchmates hehehe. friday rj treated a1 to yellow cab for his triumph at the med-tech boards (congrats again rj!) then we went to mass after class for mama mary's birthday and convinced tessie to come home with us already because it was raining and i think we barely made it. flood came rushing through manila's street and even parts of quezon city were flooded. i think verle pittied our hungry faces so she treated us to oyster boy (marvin agustin's resto) in araneta center near where she lives. thank you berly! a very gluttonous week indeed nyehehehe.

Friday, September 08, 2006

happy birthday kayester!

happy birthday suit day!!! hehehe we went to dampa by manila bay for kaye's birthday dinner then to SM mall of asia "agcaoili" nyehehe for coffee. i was full to the brim! thanks kayesie!

more pictures >>

Monday, September 04, 2006

rest well stevie

Steve Irwin
1962 - 2006

Stevie, thanks for all the lovely moments in the telly, i enjoy every minute you're on. rest in peace bro!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

the devil wears prada

we watched last night. miko and ailen were on their way out we were on our way in on the 7pm show nice. meryl streep was great! i imagined babs would've done great in this role too. with me: steff, verle, niƱa, sandy and lala.

Friday, September 01, 2006


bab's tour being advertised on madison square garden

Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Great Day - - what i need

A Great Day
From Funny Lady

When you're down and out
Lift up your head and shout
There's gonna be a great day
Angels in the sky
Promise that by and by
There's gonna be a great day/
We're gonna see a great day
Gabriel will warn you
Some early morn
You will hear his horn
It's not far away
Lift up your head and say
There's gonna be a great day
Great day

When the skies went darker, oh Lord!
Came Noah’s Ark, oh Lord!
Amen and Amen!
Amen and Amen!

He came in January, February,
March, April, May, June
July, and August,
September October, November,
De De December
'Twas was a great day
It was a great day
One of those great days
And on Judgment Day
If you believe
he will receive you and me
Gabriel will warn you
Some early morn you
You will his horn, hear his horn

It's not far away
Lift up your head and say
There's gonna be a great
We're gonna see a great
There's gonna be!!!! Be a great day!!!!
i really need this... i hope all medstudents get a great day from time to time. ~lz

mi herida fresca

(grades just released) pedia! you didn't pass me! my first shifting grade is 73 sumthin huhuhu even if it's remediable... i really resent it, i know i could do more if only certain things were easier for me. well... whatever... i'll probably just pick up garbage if i fail. ... off to read ophtha, another bothersome subject. sigh...


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

early morning post

it's 7:30 am i just had to take a break. im really down after my coffee spilled in the car :-( yeah shallow. too shallow, but it's just sort of a breaking point, i know tina babe will understand when i say it's a pansit-spilling, calamansi-rolling kinda-thing hehehehe. everything just accumulates. AND! backaches are back. now count how many posts back that's it's just complains about life. i am beginning to feel unhappy about what i'm doing. i hate to think that some people gets to have everything placed on their laps and just have to study... if only i were given that chance sigh... (ophtha... ophtha... psych... psych...)

hay... hmmm... allright im ok now. im ok now. btw, yesterday we finally had the chance to go out during community pediatrics. we went to our community near loreto church and saw our very cute (but very dirty too) kids. well of course between me and my partner (verle) she virtually did all the asking except for some useless comments from me of course. i laughed at myself when i asked ron, my classmate from the US if he needed any help and he answered that his partner did the talking (language barrier thingy), i answered, "well im no different" hehehe thanks BERLY!

(reminder to self) i'll post about our big group discussion on the weekend ^_^


Thursday, August 24, 2006

my quizzted mind

what do you think of five quizzes all in rapid succession? well, three and two more accurately. oh! and one was a shifting exam actually 75 items neurosurgery in under 60 minutes... and that's hmmm... about never mind how many pages... and i have to drive home (need brainpower) wake 3:30 am and leave by 4:30 to be able to PARK... drive to school (less brainpower but nevertheless). well.. im not even reading this again to check if this is even coherent., i just got 3 hours of free time (imagine how happy i am) and i just want to debulk my load before i lose it.

seriously, if only i can live here in the medbuilding i would. in fairness, im passing, well hell im even getting good grades (btw, i got an 83/84 in derma-final grade-it's a quarterly subject) yeah, but i think lately things are getting more difficult and i want to continue PASSING. i don't want to relive my past. i'll probably just give up if that happens again. im DONE.

if anyone out there can HELP ME. please. it seems no one wants understands the troubles of the med students except us.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

back to the picture

New pictures from our highschool get together last May 22.
Formula Bar, Tomas Morato
No more people. We literally closed the bar.

Pier One, The Fort
There were still a lot of us

One more picture from Formula Bar early on the evening

More pictures here >>

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

poop, wala na! hehehehe

well, the title is an inside joke so i guess, let the people who get it, get it, right!? but anyway, this has been a week of (ehem) explosive happenings hehehe. a funny thing to realize that the one time we eat in the "up-scale" part of the eatery that shall-not-be-named is the time one irregreg goes on full blast on both ends, one on one end, and three with vague abdominal discomfort hehehe. an epidemic? we don't know, but it was fortunately a relatively "benign" week. rest up guys, i'll see you in school next week. i hope that goes poop, wala na! already


when is small, SMALL!?

i though i knew how small was small. apparently, i haven't experienced enough of the world yet. yesterday, my mom and i got shown what is the biggest architectural blunder in my book (so far). i'm looking for an apartment near my school because i've been missing out on studying/sleeping time just to arrive by 0445-0500H in school just to be able to park. imagine this.. in the supposed """apartment""" there's room for one bed... literally. i cannot even outstretch my arms! i think the width of the space could have been only a square meter or less, almost like a sarcophagus really... and the most stupid thing is that i think the space for the bathroom was bigger than the supposedly apartment space!!! and the walls were not even flushed right and parallel, OMG i tell you i'll die before i'll move there... i'd rather endure my back pains, lack of sleep, and i do hope my grades won't suffer because i can't study and sleep enough... sigh... i don't know... i think i'm beyond complaining, i don't care anymore if my mom thinks of my comfort or sanity for that matter, i'll just make do with what i have and just let what the result of this be what it will be.


Thursday, August 17, 2006


well... almost... nyehehehe... my ka-tribo's and me had a deal that whoever hits the jackpot at each of our subjects prelims will have to treat the group. the ever reliable obstetrics and gynecology department was the first to release the results of the prelims and i got the highest raw score in my subsection 96/120 (i know it's not perfect but it's already something to be proud of for us hahaha) it's roughly 86% transmutted to our B65 system. anywhooo... lucky me sandy aka. zander got.... drum roll please... 100/120 yeehee galing-galing ni zander ^_^ i'm preparing my tummy for the libre ha!

i'm so glad prelims' over, one of the more stressful weeks for a medstudent is really exam week. i missed going to the highschool classmate's celebration for getting the top spot in the architect boards (congrats architect bassig!) well... what can i do... studies come first... i the hell don't want to go through the entire ordeal of repeating a year feeling guilty of not studying for one night... thinking i could have made one more little effort... sigh... i admire all of us who don't miss a beat. most people think we can always make time. how i wish i could... really... some people go sleepless most nights of the week to get drunk, i don't. i try to accept my 3 hours of sleep just so i can park for free and at the same time trying to remember that the pH of the vagina in bacterial vaginosis is <4.5 compared to vulvovaginal candidiasis which can be normal and worry that my facilitator may make me stand the whole period reciting everything from the book ("don't open your books and notebooks please..."). im one big frustrated guy...

i wish my mom will find me a nice apartment, very near the hospital... i just wish... a small thing that will add an hour or so of sleep is most welcome... a very much welcome idea...

pedia.... please pass me... hehehe...


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Streisand Gives $1 Million to Clinton Charity

August 10, 2006 — By Reuters

LOS ANGELES — When Barbra Streisand sings, the cash register rings at Bill Clinton's favorite charity.

With a gift of $1 million, Streisand has selected the former president's Climate Change Initiative as the first recipient to benefit from the millions she has pledged to charitable causes generated by her upcoming national concert tour.

The gift helped make Streisand the leading contributor to Clinton's effort to bring together a consortium of major cities around the world to drive down greenhouse gas emissions.

Streisand recently announced that she would undertake a concert tour in October and November to help raise money for organizations dealing with environmental, women's health and educational issues.

A spokesman for Streisand said she has been funding efforts to deal with global climate change since the late 1980s.

source :

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The First Blow...

...landed on me quite hard. well, i could say gynecology's dificulty is quite acceptable. this last day of the first week of the two-week-long-prelims was harder to swallow. pediatrics ii and ophthalmology on the same day. we studied up to 2200H doing the usual firing-back-and-forth-of questions. i thank steff for having i think up to 70% of what i answered coming from her hahaha. ophtha was really hard, mostly because i don't even know the terminologies yet. i just hope i can make up for it with the remaining time... sigh...

here i go again...


Monday, August 07, 2006

Sunday, August 06, 2006

reformat... again...

well not yet.. after the prelims, i think. my laptop's been infected again and this time it's worse. online scanning won't work, this virus/worm/trojan (i don't know yet) seems to be able to inhibit online scanning programs to launch.

my laptop (and desktop pfft) and steff's were infected a few weeks ago from a classmate's usb. as if that didn't teach me enough! this week i was so lethargic i let people stick their phallic usbs in my laptop's c*nt (ehem sorry im really annoyed) and the amazing thing is that i was able to detect the virus and clean the usb. and yet! i still got infected! well... i'm deferring my reformating after the prelims and i'm never going to let any usb touch my laptop lest everybody hates me i won't care. hehehe... (as if... for everybody who knows me, i know you know i can't can't hahaha!)

to steff who shares my woes... don't worry ^_^ what goes around...

to my ka-tribos, im proud to be from our tribe - - KAY SUSAN TAYO! (hehehe) (ehem for non-tribe-members, don't think for one moment this is susan roces puleeze... HAHAHAHA)


Friday, August 04, 2006

let's hear it for us!

a2 2007 reunited, and don't think all i do is pose for photos... well... yes on all available times ^_^

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ectopic top five

here's an out of the blue top five, just felt like it hehehe
  1. fita crackers - steff is a bad bad influence hahahaha, i bought two big wraps and i've been munching three days in a row now
  2. pgma - i admire her simply for her staying power hehehehe, i don't know who the hell she's friends with [wink, wink]
  3. i'm in the mood for love - (from the movie album) so lush, and yes... i've been dreaming of someone... (literally) hay... hehehe
  4. internet explorer 7 - yeah i always loved it, even though they copied tabs from another browser, i welcome it hehehe i deleted my firefox and am now using the explorer 7, nothing is better than this
  5. chuckie &/or hershey's - mmm mmm mmm love chocolate drinks ^_^ especially with my fita crackers

three days post

(started july 23) it’s raining wildly again, and of course secretly i’m wishing classes will be suspended again tomorrow. one more day of 7 hours sleep is a very welcome gift for any med student. well of course there’ll be repercussions, piled up work, piled up quizzes, but the sleep… yeah… just like drugs ^_^

i’m having terrible headaches, they come most days of the weeks more often on the right occipital side, but sometimes bilateral. today i endured what i think is the worst episode, around 7/10 if i grade it, and yes remember that i have great pain tolerance so this is just one titanic sized headache for a normal person.

i’ll let you on another secret… hehehe… i’m enjoying medschool hahahaha i must be mad right? i was cursing myself for enduring this torment, but hey, what do you know? now im enjoying it. i enjoy the company of my girls hahaha ^_^ and im looking forward to clerkship to show off those clinical skills (yaiks! poor poor patients nyehehehe)

i continue writing this today… (july 24). i watched pgma’s sona and i mostly laughed. i laughed my annoyance to the people who kept on clapping (well yeah thanks for clapping) but i was always hanging on what she going to say next. i love infrastructures and hearing projects such as new airports and new superhighways going to be built gets me all excited, and these people just keep on interrupting. as far as i’ve heard she got 127 interruptions hehehe good job. and i always think she’s got great ties to whomever ‘cause she’s always saved, now by the strong rain hehehe

continued again (july 25) wow! classes suspended… again!!! lakas talaga ng powers mo pgma hehehe. the sky is still so dark i sincerely hope this doesn’t go on the whole week, my exams are piling up!

to marge and tina - hope you to are alright, i’ll see you guys soon.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

tribong irregreg

i must sing again

A Convenient Tour that Addresses an Inconvenient Truth
Streisand ‘must sing again’ to ensure our well being

n late summer of 1986, Barbra Streisand made an announcement that shocked and delighted the entertainment industry, not to mention her throngs of fans—she announced she was about to give a one night concert in support of the Democratic party. It was a time during the Reagan years when AIDS was practically ignored by the administration and the horrible accident at Chernobyl had recently occurred. On her audio invitation to an invited audience of celebrities and political dignitaries, she declared “I felt I MUST sing again.”

On September 6th of that year, she fulfilled her commitment by giving a concert entitled “One Voice” and raised millions of dollars for her fellow Democrats, and established The Streisand Foundation. The foundation was formed to raise awareness and, most importantly, money for causes such as HIV/AIDS, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, AmFar, equipment and general health care facilities, as well as the political causes she believes in. Since 1988, The Streisand Foundation direct contributions to charities have raised $15 million. Additional monies she has helped non-profits raise through her talents are an additional $14 million. The 1993 donation of her 24-acre Ramirez Canyon estate in Malibu to the people of California and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy was valued at the time to be worth $8 to $11 million. This does not include upwards of $20 million raised for political causes, such as her concerts for presidential and congressional candidates.

On June 8th, 2006 she announced a multi-city tour that consists of 20 concerts, kicking off in Philadelphia on October 4, taking her to New York City, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Chicago, San Jose, Las Vegas and winding down in Los Angeles on November 20th.

People had mixed emotions from elated to “how dare she!” The latter group of people seemed to be more than a bit peeved since they shelled out their hard earned dollars back in 2000 when Streisand announced her “Farewell Concerts.” They were labeled “Timeless—Four Last Performances” with two concerts in New York and two performed in Los Angeles. They thought she was worth the $100 to $1500 (not including scalpers’ tickets that sold for thousands) since they’d never hear their beloved diva give another concert again…ever! It’s fair to say that when the latest announcement was made, these people had a right to be upset. But hold on a minute, I also have a couple of pet peeves that seem in synch with Ms. Streisand’s reasons to go on the road again. Since September of 2000, we have endured 9/11, a corrupt administration, an unnecessary war, not to mention the rapid demise of our planet earth due to global warming. (Have you seen An Inconvenient Truth yet?)

With a commitment to direct millions of dollars to charitable organizations she supports, Barbra Streisand will undertake her first national tour in over a decade. To the concerned citizens, fans and the naysayers alike, Ms. Streisand has issued a statement noting, “A prime reason I decided to tour again was the increasingly urgent need for private citizen support of women’s health and educational issues and environmental efforts to combat dangerous climate change. This will allow me to direct funds and awareness to certain causes that I care about deeply.” As her past efforts have proven successful, designated proceeds in support of philanthropic initiatives will be distributed through The Streisand Foundation. My sources in the Streisand camp conveyed Barbra’s sentiments by saying, “this was the key consideration for why the tour was undertaken.” My contact also informed me that Streisand, along with many Americans, “have been living in a world where things tend to go from bad to worse unless generous and passionate people pursue cures. She has always been motivated to support those people, and the decision to tour again derives directly from the sense that these three issues are crucial points where the additional money and awareness can have impact.”

As for the tour, it will be presented by Michael Cohl for Concert Productions International and The Next Adventure (A Live Nation Company). “It’s an incredible opportunity to work with Barbra Streisand, certainly the greatest female performer of all time,” said Cohl. Streisand will be touring with the multi-platinum record selling quartet Il Divo. In a joint statement, Il Divo commented, “We believe the experience of working with Barbra Streisand—a truly legendary artist—will forever shape the way we approach our own singing and performing. Her voice and her music have profoundly influenced and inspired so many artists, including Il Divo, and we are thrilled to be sharing the stage with her.”

Barbra Streisand’s status as the #1 best-selling female artist with 50 gold, 30 platinum and 13 multi-platinum albums sold are pretty well publicized. That she ranks ahead of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and is only exceeded by Elvis, in record sales is a fact that her fans know by heart. I would be remiss without mentioning she is the only artist in entertainment history to receive a Tony, two Oscars, six Emmy’s, eight Grammy’s (not including the Living Legend Grammy and the Lifetime Achievement Grammy), eleven Golden Globes (twelve when you count the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award), Cable Ace and Peabody Awards, and the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award.

source : the bottom line

Sunday, July 09, 2006