Tuesday, April 26, 2005

billy's new album

i listened to a preview of one of my favorite singer's yet to be released album 'everything and more' and it is really a surprise to hear a VERY different billy gilman + his voice 2 years ago was angelic + he took a 2 1/2 years rest to accomodate the changes happening during puberty + he's back... with a deep voice but otherwise still a very good singer + i can't wait for the upcoming album + critics are not in total agreement with the choice of songs + i have yet to listen to them + the title song was alright and he is still a great performer +


Monday, April 25, 2005

malate after a long time

it's been long since + and my return was not as pleasant because of the pungent smell of the entire manila area + it's evident manila bay's just next dooor + we had coffee in the open air with people asking for money at least 6 times + earlier + tin has treated the group in sbarro + rp + then watched wedding date + i joined them and headed to starbucks malate + well it was productive though because i saw ethel + bio batchmate +


p.s. starbucks malate - eeew their greenhouse like structure is... leaking! + got dropped by what i don't know if clean or not water two times! + better fix that starbucks people + lz

Saturday, April 23, 2005

"capital of health care"

i (with the high priestess and gelo) attended the 6th post graduate course in the medical city this thursday and friday titled rational use of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in common medical diseases facilitated by hospital's the department of medicine + i was expecting dr. sollano from ust to be one of the panelists but fortunately-unfortunately he was not able to attend + i learned a lot + and the one important thing i realized + is how near the medical city is from me, like a 5-10 minutes drive if i pass through visayas ave - elliptical road - up - katipunan - greenmeadows - ortigas - there! and no traffic! well... well... with its hotel-like environment i AM really considering wanting to make it there or rather practice there + i wasn't able to bring my digi-cam so i was not able to take pictures + and besides + i did not want to look like a probinsiyano wearing my pamburol attire + +

then the high priestess and i spent a few hours walking through eastwood city (under the glaring 2 pm sun) + we are planning how to spend a night of fun there sometime soon + waiting for the godess to finish her class and meet us + now at gateway mall in araneta center cubao + we watched 'the wedding date' + it was funny and nakakilig hehehe and two women beside me kept stirring in their seats HAHAHAHAHAHAHA + + +


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

days in daze

i borrowed the title from 'wedding daze' kind'a like it (i mean the title) + all i do these days is be online and what!? (no dirty thinking allright!) read trivia stuff + sigh... + i mean from the turmoils of last school year + this is like + BORING + not that i crave for the torment + i wish i had something meaningful to do + maybe i'll go to the seminar in medical city + learn a stuff or two +

yesterday though was a good one + compared to others + i got to talk (to chat i mean) to two friends + former high school classmates + one already residing in the city of angels + the other just around the corner + 'twas really nice conversing with the two +

i was reading through the prophecies of saint malachy + maybe you've read it in the sunday inquirer + about how he predicts there are two remaining popes + i researched about it + and playing with words, saint malachy predicted that the next guy after pope joannes paulus pp ii will be a guy who would be Gloria Olivae "Glory of the Olives" + BUT + he did not say that he will be second to the last + he did say though that the last pope will be Petrus Romanus "Peter of Rome" + so it is just fitting to think that between our next pope and the last pope + there are still intervening ones +

this is just how i agree of how some interpret the very "SENSATIONALIZED" prophecies of saint malachy + because it is thought that the prophecies have already been forgerized and are in fact a fraud because they were said to be "lost" in the roman archives for 400 years and just reappeared suddenly claiming it has given accurate prediction for the last centuries + absurd right!? + if there were in fact prophecies + they are really subject to scrutiny + what we must believe in is our FAITH + in Him + and pray for our next pope + and try to live life in a way as good as we can be +


Monday, April 11, 2005

Stupid, Absurd, but Interesting

...three words to describe what happened to me + you may be thinking what the hell happened to me + well + i had a hypersensitivity reaction + and the interesting part there is the culprit + i really up to now do not know exactly what triggered it + but the current suspect are the pancakes i ate that afternoon + absurd right? + allergic to pancakes!!!!! + my God! please spare me! + well + what can a pancake fan do? + and i'd be damned if i am going to ignore pancakes from now on + well maybe i'd make sure i'd have an antihistamine just in case ^_^

im just so thankful my mom's ever reliable + hehehe+ i really felt i was in a reality tv show by the what events turned our in our house + it was a pity we were not in one + it could have been a hit + hehehe + my usually non-serious ever-gregarious brother quickly turned into a concerned guy with a pug face + pacing up and down our upstairs hallways asking me if i was ok? + hekhek + i am lucky i had a nebulizer so i was able to control my airway while my mom meantime went out and buy an antihistamine (we did not have any on stock) + boy am i lucky + i love my family + thanks to everyone


Monday, April 04, 2005

Lessons to Be Learned

They say there's a universal plan
for every woman, for every man
I do believe there's a higher power
but in our darkest hour
it's hard to understand
so we start to question, start to doubt
we lose faith in what life's all about

why did the right road
take the wrong turn
why did our heart break
why'd we get burned
just like the seasons
there are reasons for the path we take
there are no mistakes
just lessons to be learned

don't give up, keep on looking deep inside
let your heartbeat be your guide
cause there's a gift for those who keep believing
you'll find what you've been needing
is right before your eyes
you'll hold the answer in your hands
and then you'll know
you'll finally understand

why, why did the right road take that wrong turn
why did our heart break and why'd we get burned
just like the seasons
there are reasons for the path we take
there are no mistakes
just lessons to be learned

no matter how many times you stumble or fall
the greatest lesson is loving yourself through it all

why did the right road take that wrong turn
why did our heart break why'd we get burned
just like the seasons there are reasons for the path we take
there are no mistakes
just lessons... lessons... to be learned

...From Barbra Streisand's Higher Ground
It sorta became my theme for the past few days :-)


Sunday, April 03, 2005

I pray to God to send His Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of the cardinals who would choose who would continue our holy father's work. May Pope John Paul II be in our Holy Mother's side with all her saints and with her Son Jesus, Reedemer of all mankind. Posted by Hello