Saturday, September 22, 2007

Resident's Night 2007

smacked in the middle of our pedia rotation is resident's night, one of USTH's major events of every year where residents show their talents in producing major production numbers with dance, song, and multimedia presentations all happening at the same time hoping to bag the braging rights of winning team for a year.

pediatrics had one goal. to reclaim the trophy. they have won the championship 3 years in a row albeit last year when surgery took it away. so there were no boundaries, sky's the limit to everything! i was tasked in creating a saloon (the year's theme was "resident's go western!"). i was lucky enough that the one i made out of my classmate jen's design was the "more" realistic one than the other departments conjured (haha) ^_^. well... anyway, the whole point of the story is that... we won! i can't wait for the official dvd of the whole event so i can see how the saloon looks like on video ^_^. thank you so much to jen, philip, steff, verle, tin, gelo, miko and the manong from b&g (have i forgoten anyone?) for helping out on creating it.

Friday, September 07, 2007


sapang palay lunchmates at d'barkads
ian, gelo, ron, tish and anna


Congratulations to my brother
Christian Ponceca-Alipio
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