Saturday, September 30, 2006

Milenyo & The La Naval Enthronement

wow! what a storm! i don't recall one storm hitting this strong since i was a kid i can tell you. and i must say, whoever announced the cancellation of classes a day before did a GREAT job! i can't imagine sending the kids (as well as me) home when everything's already flying off the roofs, big billboards already smashing cars, trees already being uprooted... just imagine.

but of course nothing can deter me from seeing through the enthronement of the La Naval. it was very emotional, there was no electricity and yet the church was almost filled to capacity. we were praying the rosary in the dark because the church's generator can only illuminate the altar (this is one big church). the image of the virgin was rolled down the isle in candlelight and we all heard the tiples heavenly voices amdist the silence and darkness. you'd be really moved to tears.

more la naval 2006 pictures >>

a lot of trees in the sto. domingo compound were brought down by the wind but people braved to see the start of the yearly festivities. it's the second day of novena today and there's still no electricity in that area of quezon city. i'm sure Mama Mary really appreciates the faith and she'll totally pray for us ^_^

Step Up

watched this monday afternoon(!?) can't even remember anymore hehehe it wasn't great, it wasn't bad either. in short it did nothing to me hahaha, the dancing, well... yes good but not great. not a candidate for my dvd collection

Saturday, September 23, 2006


i recall the week that's just passed. it's totally a mix up of good and annoying experiences.


of course we had our med quiz (disaster) and our repeat-bgd (disaster in epic proportions hehehe). the rest of the day was uneventful.


the most happy memory was our ophtha quiz with dr. j. lopez HAHAHAHA and even though i still didn't get 10 with his medweek "promo." im greatful to have a teacher such as him, you just don't learn, you also have fun.

we also had our "mother's class" in community pediatrics and swam in our sweats as we went back and entertained our community with presentations about diseases to increase awareness

more pictures from community pediatrics >>


i had to totally cram for my journal report in the afternoon for surgery. fortunately dr. erasmo didn't arrive. i have to really prepare for this becuase he really liked the journal we chose. sigh... both fortunate and unfortunate


our subsec presented a case in gynecology, congratulations to sab and rj, you did really well. after classes, we watched MSE's theatrical play, it was really entertaining!

watching the MSE Play
(ganda na ng seats sa audi parang gateway hehehe)


no classes! pfft but we had to do pool and compile our data in community pediatrics (with a lot of mishaps). but after that we enjoyed watching freshmen night and all the freshies' antics hehehe and enjoyed each other's company later at the afterparty in katips bar in thomas mow-rae-toe nyahahaha.

steff + verle + nina + kim + martin,
sa'n na ko?? katips bar, tomas morato


Monday, September 18, 2006


One might observe that UST students, and medstudents in particular have a sixth sense when it’s time to leave the medbuilding hehehe. This afternoon, as I went out of plastic surgery, my last class, my head immediately looked up the box roof, smelled the air and looked at Verle, “you better go home right away, it’s going to rain.” She hurries down the stairs and we part ways without much talk. It is obvious there’s no more time for small talk. As for me, I have to brave the weather, my ‘auto’s color coding today. I picked up books to read and headed for the library.

As if by cue, when the first thunder roared, everyone in the library looked out the windows, some even went out the door of the reading area to have a look see of the type of rain we have for the day. Hehehe and as if we had a collective mind, everybody looked at each other, picked up their things and hurried out. I surmise that most of the people who spend up to closing time are “coding” for that day. Everyone agrees in their mind that the risk of getting caught is so insignificant as compared to having to go home past 12 because of the flood.

It’s just really sad. One, if not the most prestigious medical school in the country; a university where the pope himself chooses the next rector, becomes flooded with not even an hour of rain. And I’m not joking. I arrive in school early enough to see the janitors clearing water inside the medbuilding (yes!) when it happened to rain hard the night before. We already had the experience of getting a class of 100+ cramped in a room because the CME auditorium (in the first floor) can’t be use because it was flooded the night before. Sigh… almost funny but I’m really embarrassed.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

La Naval de Manila 2006

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
2006 Festivities
Enthronement - Sept 28 5:00 P.M.
Novena - Everyday 5:30 P.M.
Feast Day Mass - (i forgot i will update hehehe)
Feast Day Procession - (i forgot i will update hehehe)
I'll see you there!


Adios, Reina del cielo
Madre, Madre del Salvador
Adios, Adios!
Adios, dulce prenda adorada
Dulce prenda adorada de mi sincero amor.
Adios, Reina del cielo, adios adios.
Madre del Salvador, Madre del Salvador
De tu divino rosto la belleza al dejar
Permiteme que vuelva tus plantas a besar;
He quedado O Maria, abrasado en tu amor
Quedate adios Senora, adios, adios
Dame tu bendicion, Dame to bendicion
Madre del Salvador, Madre del Salvador.
Madre amorosa, prenda de amor
Adios, adios!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

oyster boy

more pics >>

a benign week it was

the happiest week of third year so far dare i may say. well it began with a frown-inducing two quiz monday but after that it was fun fun fun! tuesday we had fun in ophtha using the indirect ophthalmoscope and of course our own handy direct ophthalmoscopes.

here we are in ophtha

tessie reporting in the medicine big group discussion (monday)

me-an using the indirect ophthalmoscope on warren the batch's number one

tuesday had us going back to our pedia communities and we again saw MM and RR and aling baby (our family) had siomai after that and then planned how to celebrate kaye-ki's (hehehe) birthday on wednesday. (see previous post) kaye treated us in dampa macapagal boulevard (in the reclamation site) then we had coffee at starbucks SM mall of asia agcaoili (nyehehe). we were very brave going out on a wednesday night and why not!? we had no classes thursday morning! yeah... this is just too good to be true i was thinking. we had a recollection thursday morning at the auditorium and i accompanied the choir during the mass. well, this introduced my mistake-laden talent to my new batchmates hehehe. friday rj treated a1 to yellow cab for his triumph at the med-tech boards (congrats again rj!) then we went to mass after class for mama mary's birthday and convinced tessie to come home with us already because it was raining and i think we barely made it. flood came rushing through manila's street and even parts of quezon city were flooded. i think verle pittied our hungry faces so she treated us to oyster boy (marvin agustin's resto) in araneta center near where she lives. thank you berly! a very gluttonous week indeed nyehehehe.

Friday, September 08, 2006

happy birthday kayester!

happy birthday suit day!!! hehehe we went to dampa by manila bay for kaye's birthday dinner then to SM mall of asia "agcaoili" nyehehe for coffee. i was full to the brim! thanks kayesie!

more pictures >>

Monday, September 04, 2006

rest well stevie

Steve Irwin
1962 - 2006

Stevie, thanks for all the lovely moments in the telly, i enjoy every minute you're on. rest in peace bro!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

the devil wears prada

we watched last night. miko and ailen were on their way out we were on our way in on the 7pm show nice. meryl streep was great! i imagined babs would've done great in this role too. with me: steff, verle, niƱa, sandy and lala.

Friday, September 01, 2006


bab's tour being advertised on madison square garden