Thursday, April 27, 2006


they apologized to my kathy!! the three judges said that when they watched back the taped, it wasn't bad at all! hmmp! see! i was right!

i think tonight, ryan grouped the two contestants who will battle until the end. my kathy vs. chris. although i want elliot to reach the final two, i'm not sure why not a lot of people vote for him. he is definitely better than my namesake the rocker.

'twas a busy day

  • went to nbi to get my fbi fingerprint form accomplished so i can send it. i'll have to go back to claim my nbi clearance though.
  • i went to plm yesterday to get a transcript (again) and i was excited ma’am vitug gave me ma’am plaza’s email in the u.s. i was really happy to know she’s teaching again! highschool biology in fact in ca. i hope i can see her if my trip to san diego gets pushed through.
  • enrolled in level 3 spanish, lola's still our teacher for a week. there were a few newcomers, im glad most of our original group from levels 1 & 2 are still there. i feel a little uncomfortable meeting new people always.
  • then of course, i can't miss ai. i totally disagree with the judges comments last night for my kathy. my baby kathy sang whitney houston’s “i have nothing.” it wasn’t bad at all! maybe it sounded different in the studio but it certainly didn’t sound out of tune in tv. it wouldn’t help that she went first, but i think she won’t have to worry being in the bottom three. for me the bottom three this week: paris – they she sang the way we were, sorry, not just oversang it, i think it was awful; taylor – they were right, it was sooo karaoke, it was a bad song choice, a very common song like that; kellie – it is just simply… bye bye kellie. for me, it’s either kellie or paris who’s goin bye bye
  • elliot. my man! you go dawg! hahaha great great great performance, this might catch on as your signature idol song. congratulations. chris also did good, i just think by the age of 40+ he won’t have any voice left at all. better take care of your throat, chris.
  • i saw a movie about a teacher ron clark. matthew perry of friends played him and in the movie his teaching put his students to the top of the district. i only saw a little of the last few minutes of the movie. i want to see the entire movie. he wrote a book, “the essential 55.”
  • oh btw, i just want to share that i'm recently enjoying watching "the o.c." my only trouble is that two cable channels are showing it simultaneously with different seasons. and since i've only just begun to watch it, i'm frantically switching channels trying to get everything hahahaha! it's a very good mixture of comedy and dramatic moments for me.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunday, April 23, 2006

movie marathon

yesterday, i watched 7 movies! hehehe! now i have to apologize again to the movie emperor ^_^ i have to talk about these movies :

  • origins of the da vinci code – well, it was a documentary. the truth of the matter is, i am not crazily amazed by what this documentary presents. pentacles in the landscape, aligned churches, and mountains, etc. with the abundance of mountains, i can fit any pattern i wanted to see. i can understand hidden codes in text and patterns in paintings because it’s man-made but i do not see god’s purpose for aligning some mountains in france and letting it be discovered by some people in my lifetime. not that i am saying that i understand god’s motives. i do not. but what i do understand is that if god had a message, he made it known. i believe in the bible. when he wanted something known he sent a messenger, he appeared himself if he had to. to me, this was entertaining but the content is crap.
  • the family stone – i really felt for sarah jessica parker’s character. i felt crushed whenever something bad happened to her. everything that happened to her can really happen in one way or another in someone else’s life. embarrassing situations… been there. you have to watch this to understand J i’m glad the end was light though. i’m a sucker for good endings ^_^
  • nanny mcphee - like the line “when you need me but don’t want me, i will stay. when you want me but don’t need me, i have to go..” great movie! the children are devils in the beginning. i don’t care if they are sad or frustrated by the death of their mother or if their father ignores them, but they don’t have to be so evil. well, they got what they deserved. emma thompson was great here!little manhattan – a cutsey movie. i really liked it. the musings of young love set on manhattan island and central park. lovely. hehehe it reminded me of… those were the days my friend… la la la nyahahaha
  • bewitched – what can i say… i understood why this moviel... hmmm… how should i put it? …. flopped hahahaha! lucky will ferrel, got to kiss nicole kidman several times. i watched the trailer after the movie… and watching the minutes long trailer was better than watching the whole movie. the only redeeming factor was the great shirley mclaine ^_^
  • flightplan – jodie foster’s character was crazy! hahaha! i’d understand why the captain ignored her, she did not approach the situation eloquently if i may use the term. she just went crazy all over the place, i understood the situation, whoever lost their children are really bound to go crazy, but it didn’t help at all. overall it was… fine.
  • brokeback mountain – cinematography was great. actors were great. the sheep were great, even though most of them weren’t real. i understood the story as a whole, but i cannot understand heath ledger’s talking though. i’m not sure if he was mumbling or talking at any time, well except when he was shouting. jake gyllenhaal’s character was the one who needed more attention from men here, and as i understood it, he was killed by guys who maybe discovered he was gay. overall, it was a fine movie but i think ang lee extended it too much than it needed to be. it was just too damn long and it made it a drag to watch the last few scenes. now, i really want to see crash, a lot of people tell me , this is a really good movie. i have to see for myself so i can compare it to brokeback and assess whether the ranting of the author after they lost the oscar has basis.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Week's Top Five - XVI

  • inipit – marge’s dad introduced me to inipit / it’ll surely hike your blood glucose levels to oil prices high / i like the custard one that i tasted
  • chocolate chip cookies – my mom bought a horde of chocochip cookies / and i think i devoured more than a dozen!
  • assessment in special and inclusive education – im really starting to learn what the correct ways of assessing students are / and that testing is not assessment but only a part of it from this book / im realizing that test construction in medicine is a big piece of shit! / i hope that when time comes / our generation will be better equipped to pass on medicine to doctors of the future
  • spanish – im liking every minute of it / i recently got a Spanish dictionary for my pocket pc so i can search faster / so my vocabulary is increasing a bit / i hope i can tackle with it even when classes start
  • Comfort and joy – an unknown movie i chanced upon on HBO / it was just a nice heart warming movie / this businesswoman crashed her car on christmas eve and awakened to a new life / a wonderful new life with a man she never met and she had two wonderful children! / she was doing charity work and living a simple life / then she woke up in the crash and there was the man in her dream / saving her / her first line… “I’ve always loved you… always” nice! HAHAHA

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Love You Kathy McPhee!!!

  • I just finished watching tonight's episode. Kathy sang Someone to Watch Over Me. Sob... Sob... I'm sorry kathy I can't vote for you from here. Why!??? Why!???? MARRY ME!!!! WHAA!!! I can possibly jump on a couch!... Ten times if you wish for it.
  • on a side note, why do you have to ruin elliott's performance simon!? he did a great job. i thought his performance was superlative and i don't understand simon's comment. i hope it's not bye bye time yet for my other idol.
  • in my opinion, it's either kellie or ace's who should be goin' bye bye

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

spring break

it may be spring break for u.s. students but my classmates have just started the dreaded and tortuous clerkship. i'm waiting for their blog entries that will chronicle their suffering or (sige na nga) nice experiences ^_^ i've already read supersexy ivy's blog, and her assignment to the psychiatry ward became a mill for her famous quotable quotes hehehe. i recommend you go click on her blog and read a few.

this blogging thing's really great for these kind of things. now, more people get to vent their frustrations, share their experiences to people who value them and friends get updated of the latest tsismis on their friends or their crushes or whoever. hehehe

mmm, i think i haven't wrote about my latest thoughts on AI. well, i could've appreciated more if ace was removed instead of bucky, poor bucky, but it was not bound to last. elliot is strike two on the bottom three, i hope it does not continue this way. he is my favorite male contender and i hope he makes it into top three, or two. but of course i'm McPHEE all the way!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


one of our last assignments in level 2 spanish is to write a paragraph describing a person. what i'm saying here is pretty basic, i just thought i'd share what i did ^_^

Mi favorita actriz y cantante es Barbra Streisand. Es Americana-Judia de Nueva York pero ahora vive en Malibu, California. Tiene sesenta y tres años. Es un poco bajita, rubia, tiene el pelo liso y los ojos azules. Tiene la nariz grande, cuello largo, y las labios finos. Es muy inteligente y buena en negocios, acciones y valores. Tiene muchos sentido del humor también. A ella le gusta adornar su casa. Ella tiene muchas películas: comedias y musicales. Tiene sesenta mas o menos elepés tambien! Ahora, ella es la segunda de los diez primeros cantantes de Estados Unidos con más discos vendidos, y la segunda de la lista, después de Elvis Presley .

Ella tiene una voz muy bonita. Su voz es alta, muy alta y relajada. Algunas de mis favoritas canciones de Barbra son: Evergreen, Ordinary Miracles, With One More Look at You y On Holy Ground. Mi sueño es ver a ella en un concierto.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Holy Week 2006

  • i went to marge's yesterday for our annual participation in accompanying their image in the good friday procession. it seems my two girls are very happy. well... we lost lots of story-updating time, but anyway, they wanted to share the moment with their boys.
  • i was reading my classmates' (who are going into clerkship tomorrow) messages in our yahoo groups. and i honestly had trouble sleeping and had an upset stomach from just reading what they are about to do. i was like in the garden of gethsemane having agony with jesus OMG! i hope i'll have the strength and courage to face clerkship when my time comes..
  • i hope the people coming back from resting will be more work-focused instead of bickering about politics and wanting to continuously create havoc.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

swimming in the sky

we took a dip atop aina's condo-pool in vito cruz. thank you to meg and ate ara for slipping us in hahahaha! it's my first experience swimming at a rooftop swimming pool, and now i'm nagging my mom to buy a unit in the soon-to-be-built burgundy tower in forbes hehehe.

the image is my best effort to capture the makati skyline without a tripod ^_^ pretty lame huh...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

found this somewhere

nice... i found this sometime ago in a bookstore, didn't know they issued a la naval stamp.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The New Trashy Streisand Bio

this is a fan's account of barbra's participation in al gore's 2000 fundraising vs. the new trashy unofficial streisand bio, 'the way she is.' the book is really full of shit,

I got the new Barbra bio today from Very, very gossipy and there's really nothing "new" that we don't already know about Barbra. But, it has many, many lies in it. Especially the August 17th, 2000 concert for Al Gore - The Democratic Nomination Celebration Concert that Barbra participated in.

I was in Barbra's choir for that concert, I was there, and NONE of the "gossipy" things that are written about her is true!!!!! After reading it, I got so angry. I can't even begin to imagine what Barbra goes through each and every time this happens to her.

He writes........during a 6 hour rehearsal, she demanded that a small table be set up onstage, and that a pot of hot tea be placed on the table. But she hated the beige tablecloth, and the green one that replaced it. After two hours and a half-dozen tablecloths (blue, yellow, white, red and white checks), she finally settled on one in cranberry. NOT TRUE!!!

First off, our rehearsal with Barbra...........the choir and her band..........was not 6 hours, it was about 2 hours. She did not demand that a table be on stage, she asked for one and one was brought out. When haven't we seen a table on stage when Barbra sings?? She did go through several color choices for the table and chose one that she liked. That process didn't take 2 hours. It took, maybe 10 minutes. That's what you do at check your mic, you check your props, etc. That's the whole point of rehearsing!

He then writes................after her performance, Barbra ran into her dressing room and began wailing, "I looked TERRIBLE!" she said. "The lighting was awful! Why did the camera keep shooting me in profile! Goddammit! I look like @#%$!" she shot back, oblivious to the fact that the crowd was still roaring it's approval.

NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off, Barbra didn't have a dressing room. The Shrine Auditorium where the concert was, has many floors of dressing rooms - including very large ones with sitting areas, green rooms, etc. Barbra didn't have this. She had more of a changing area off-stage left. It was put together with draperies, wood and pipes holding it together. Certainly not something you would think that a person of Barbra's stature would have. She had an entire building of dressing rooms to choose from. She was happy with what was made for her.

When the concert was completely over and the curtain came down, Barbra stayed on stage and milled around with the political guests that were there..........Al and Tipper Gore, Joseph Lieberman and his wife and others. They were all talking and laughing and in a very, very good mood!

During the entire day at The Shrine, Barbra couldn't have been more professional! Originally after we, the choir were finished singing - an upstage black curtain was to have come down and we would have been done. Then she was going to bring Gore and Lieberman on stage. She said, "Don't have the choir go away. Have them on stage." Then she turned to us and said, "You don't want to leave, do you?" To which we all said, "NO!"

Barbra changed it to have us remain, and, we sang the chorus of "Happy Days" during her curtain calls. Gore and Lieberman would then be brought up on stage. We then would sing the chorus of "Simply The Best" - Gore's theme song! We rehearsed it a few times and it was great, just great!!!!

During the rehearsals, Barbra constantly said how great we all sounded and what a treat it was for her to be "backed up." In other words, all the weight of the evening wasn't on her shoulders. She commented that it was nice to perform in a much smaller venue.....comparing to The MGM Grand or Madison Square Garden.

When the concert started, we, the choir assembled behind the black curtain. I was lucky enough to be stage left and I could see Barbra in the wings, pacing before she went on. She was nervous. But, she was acting like any other person who's about to go out on stage. She was talking and laughing with the stage crew, checking her hair and makeup.....right there......not in a dressing room, not with a hundred assistants hovering over her.......just Barbra........a performer........about to perform!

During the show, when Barbra brought Gore on stage, he acknowledged how great the choir sang. Barbra acknowledged it again, as well. When the concert was over and the curtain came down, Barbra was all smiles, turned upstage, we made eye contact, I blew her a kiss and she thanked me!! A moment I will NEVER, NEVER forget!!!!

There's been so much that has been written about Barbra that is so not true. And, just because it's written, doesn't mean that it's true. That is the power of the written word.

I just wanted to share with you and your many Barbra fans who read this site, what really happened on that historic Thursday night of August 17th, 2000.



this was posted on craig's the barbra streisand forum. thank you so much neal for standing up for ms. streisand. celebrity life must really be a big shit, especially when so many bad things are being said about you. it just becomes so easy to be mean, the way they want you to be, so they'll prove they're right.