Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Week's Top Five - XVI

  • inipit – marge’s dad introduced me to inipit / it’ll surely hike your blood glucose levels to oil prices high / i like the custard one that i tasted
  • chocolate chip cookies – my mom bought a horde of chocochip cookies / and i think i devoured more than a dozen!
  • assessment in special and inclusive education – im really starting to learn what the correct ways of assessing students are / and that testing is not assessment but only a part of it from this book / im realizing that test construction in medicine is a big piece of shit! / i hope that when time comes / our generation will be better equipped to pass on medicine to doctors of the future
  • spanish – im liking every minute of it / i recently got a Spanish dictionary for my pocket pc so i can search faster / so my vocabulary is increasing a bit / i hope i can tackle with it even when classes start
  • Comfort and joy – an unknown movie i chanced upon on HBO / it was just a nice heart warming movie / this businesswoman crashed her car on christmas eve and awakened to a new life / a wonderful new life with a man she never met and she had two wonderful children! / she was doing charity work and living a simple life / then she woke up in the crash and there was the man in her dream / saving her / her first line… “I’ve always loved you… always” nice! HAHAHA

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