Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Strength of My Resolve

I've begun with a goal. A simple choice that I knew was logical and practical. Yet everyday I struggle more and more and slowly falter. I see the threshold... I hate it and embrace it. It's getting tiring to analyze and plan. When I give myself to the senses completely will I be miserable or in rapture?

The Strength of Our Resolve

A few days ago I heard a very composed father on the radio relating how his family, along with mediamen were ambushed and killed by his soon to be opponent for governorship of a province. I wasn't new to news of political rivalry edging on violence and murder. But I was surprised at myself at how indifferent I felt for the people involved until the news sunk into me, now a few days old... people died, whether these people are truly innocents - some maybe and still some may have done a thing or two in their lives worth punishment - yet the way their lives were taken cannot be construed in any other way but pure selfishness and evil. I resent the fact that the government's (and by this I mean people up there) hands are tied by the politico culture of the country. For me, the issue here is not whether I am for or against whoever side or family should rule. It is that NO ONE is above the law and that it is apparent that not a trickle of conscience exist in those hearts that did this.... policemen and other participant who agreed on this despicable act, where are your souls? Are you so afraid for your own lives to agree to do this? If the mastermind didn't mind killing these people then who are you to be spared? Aren't you all participants now a "liability" that could squeak any moment. You've woven your own deathmats people... tsk tsk tsk...

I'm intrigued. I seriously want to pick the mind of the people who thought of this. What went wrong with their plans? Did they seriously think they could have gotten away with it? Or is it a seriously stupid plan and they were relying purely on guts? I love strategy and planning and this has gotta be one of the worst thought of plans LOL... killing people with Filipino mediamen in the entourage??

Sigh... I pray we have enough resolve to follow through to provide justice... this is still our country and we should own it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

See Now?! Burnham! Grr

I was just talking about Burnham's Plan a few weeks back because of the August flooding of Manila. And now... see... it's what's being brought up. Everyone's talking about Palafox's study on urban development in the city. Sigh... It's all hindsight, I bet no one's gonna lift a finger against those illegal settlers because it's election time next year. I applaud GMA's volunteering of Malacanan demolition to set an example for people with properties beside the rivers. What are my thoughts on the sep 26 great flood of Metro Manila?

WE -- should build that smart tunnel or flood highway they are thinking of from Laguna de Bay out into the Manila Bay. Buidling a tunnel will make controlling the water easier as it will not spill out of the tunnel if there's too much volume but a depressed highway that could be used as an emergency spillway would be cheaper to build.

WE -- should rellocate those people in the most dangerous areas such as that provident village (imagine people and animals hanging on electric posts and wires...). It's no time to get sentimental... will we wait for the population to be decimated before we do something? Oh wait... maybe we should just wait for us to be decimated so the problem will be easier to solve.

Sigh... it's really unfortunate... earlier I was riding a jeep and this woman left her empty mineral water bottle in her seat. I asked her if she is going to leave that when she was about to alight. She ignored me. I wanted to throw the bottle at her! Grr... That bottle should be shoved up hers... What kind of people are we!? Really!? Geesh...


I didn't get to join my mom to go back to the pilgrimage site of Simala in Cebu because my brother slipped while ice skating. I had to accompany him to the hospital to see my rehab doctor. Luckily, no fracture, but his transverse ligament was overstretched and he can't step his foot. He has to use crutches to facilitate healing and not worsen the damage.
He was advised one physical therapy session before he's seen again and re-evaluated...

This is it!

I watched it with Verle. Wow... MJ was singing live at his rehearsals. I loved his unembellished voice, it's more solid than in his records or when it's digitally enhanced for the live shows. And at 50 he was still dancing better than his dancers half his age LOL... The world missed a lot when it didn't get to experience the real "this is it" concert... pity us....

I loved it when his dancers didn't go and rest during their rest-time but watched him practice, they were all down in front of the stage jumping and cheering enjoying him for themselves... and he's funny... I hope he's in peace. Rest well...

LRT Extension Project

This is "the Gap"
The only space separating MRT and the LRT Extension.