Friday, June 25, 2010

Aquarium of the Pacific

Rob brought me to Long Beach's Aquarium of the Pacific. It was awesome!
With Big Blue
Sea Anemone

Yeah.... I'm a fucking Geek hahaha Then he took me out for steak at Outback. Whoa Great Great Day

Friday, June 18, 2010

For the Dolphins?!

I was shocked last week when I was late for dinner one time and I chanced on the mess' closing time. I saw that all those food left in the bins, never been touched, some almost filled to the brim, the cakes were all thrown into one big bin to be thrown! All that food to waste... I was deeply saddened. A lot of people in the Philippines don't get to eat three meals a day and here was all this food getting thrown out. I asked. They told me that they used to land the food and gave it to charity but when somebody's tummy got bad they blamed the company and the ship so the company just opted to stop giving away the leftover food. I must emphasize that this food is clean, it's not the leftover from the plate. It's leftover from the buffet. That's so sad. It makes me want to eat a lot but I guess all I can do is not waste the food that I got and consume everything on my plate.

Independence Day

10 June 2010 - We celebrated Independence Day aboard the Mariner of the Seas. There are so many Filipinos onboard the Mariner (40%) that the captain declared it an all-crew-party. Nice. The captain gave us four suckling pigs (Lechon) and most of the food was sponsored by the crew welfare fund. They love the Filipinos and we had to show our love back. A group of organizers prepared a very entertaining program for everybody which involved two superb bands, exhibition bar-tenders, games, two dance performances, a song number with a video clip showing our history, trivia about our country and two shameless hosts. Ha! I was one of the two. I thought it was a chance for everybody to know the new botox doctor onboard who happened to be Pinoy. I ate my usually bashful self and went all-out.

The only thing was that all that time MY MIC WAS DEAD. I was shouting at the top of my lungs but the technical people didn't seem to be able to fix my audio or maybe didn't want too haha I don't know. So I guess I was the mute host whose mouth was moving but can't really be heard. What can I do? I did my job. I went back to my cabin around 1:30 am in the morning because I still had to do a seminar the next morning and I don't want to look like I partied all night to my potential patients.

Well, the party was fun. Especially the bartenders juggling. It's nice to know that it's Filipinos who's making other people wow at their talents.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm always ecstatic when I bump into my patients on the way to the restaurant or something and they just smile so big at me and tell me: "I can't believe I was so skeptic and put this off for so long. It's just amazing what's happening." I feel my tired smile go from my ear to the other. My pretend cruise smile becomes real and I reply: "It makes me happy you're happy with the results."

That's always the case with first timers, they start skeptics but are drawn in because of the competitive prices on the ship and the advantage of anonymity and discretion being on a cruise offers. No one will know they "had work done" while vacationing. They could always say it was the great sea air, the long due rest that contributed to their amazing transformations. And I agree, I'm amazed at what this tiny injections can do to.

People who had it done before always swear allegiance to the treatment's effectiveness. I had two women sitting for my seminar one has never done it before but when she saw her seatmate nodding she asked her if it was worth it. The veteran answers: "So worth it." And that's it. These are the people you love. In a minute, the skeptic was risking doing it and going home happy. I always pray there would be more people like this whenever I speak. Swearing the truth to the magic of non-surgical facial rejuvination.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Weeks Two & Three

The numerous onboard training finally ended this week. The training sessions are a good way to meet my co-crew members. Everybody is very happy to know everybody else. "We're all in this together" as the High School Musical theme said. Well of course we have that policy the I like very much called "10 Feet Smile Policy," all companies should enact this even if they're not in the service sector. Smiling to not only your guests but to your co-employees just brings up the mood and good vibe that everybody needs every working day.

I'm really learning a lot on how to run a good business from Royal Carribean. At this stage, I'm still very objective and not heavily indoctrinated and I can say that this company is running it's business in a very good way. Filipino companies and the Philippine Government could really learn a lot on how to run things back home from this company. And in that light, I don't understand how so many Filipino are working in this company and not brining back home the things that they have learned and applying them to make a difference it our rotten practices.

Simple things make a difference. Reward based positive reinforcement. Strict enforcement of just policies and rules. A kind, just, firm but approachable captain. Few traits the Philippines can learn from.

This second week, we welcomed our new manager, Miss Zelna du Plessis from South Africa. She's absolutely gorgeous! She'd be an artista if she were in the Philippines. I like her approach to things. She's very driven and motivated to reach the goals, or more properly our (the whole team's) goals. In the one week that I spent with Miss Lorna MacLeod (UK) though, I learned that Steiner managers are all superlative managers. I will miss Lorna too, that one week was akward but fun! Especially our party for Maria and Aisha who's birthdays fell in the same week.

I loved the grilled pork they made for that party. My God! The marinate was so tasty that I took some back to my cabin and ate it cold in the morning (oops, haha we're not supposed to bring back food to the cabins XD ssshhh). I'm really having trouble controlling myself over the food here. Imagine to be in a buffet everyday. I mean, I really have to give myself kudos for not having seconds ever since I came onboard. But man, oh man, is my plate always filled haha! I rarely touch carbs - well pasta that is. I've never tried rice - yet. And I hope I don't ever. But I'm always having dessert! Whaaa! Every other day almost sometimes everyday there's cheesecake! And they're decent ones too! Hahaha! I really don't know if I'm going to be ecstatic or depressed. O gotta tell you, they make this oh my super awesome roast pork. Hahaha! And some really good burgers that we see on fridays (burger day!) - thanks Lizzie for the tip. Now I wait for fridays just as Lizzie does hahaha! I hope I don't get too much plump. Well I really can't because I won't fit my clothes ^_^.

I'm very much hoping things will pick up for me. It's still all very slow and I want to thank Miss Jeanette for sending that email of reassurance to us. She said not to expect too much in the first weeks, and that's what's just happening to me really. I don't know the border of being out and about and talking to people to looking desperate and pulling people in. I don't want to appear that way, it might throw people off instead of pull them in.

I realize one important thing this week two and three though, one thing that I've always thought but now is super reinforced in me. I was living the life of a prince of sorts ;-) and now I'm a pauper.