Thursday, March 31, 2005

i didn't mention we slept over at the aninias residence in sanpablo and then the next morning traveled to liliw laguna to shop for sandals shoes and pasalubong, im in front here of the liliw church the photo before at nagcarlan on our way to here Posted by Hello

we passed by the nagcarlan underground cemetery, 'twas a pity it was closed for lunch break Posted by Hello

before we headed to san pablo we passed by the st. martin de tours church or the taal basilica (of course i was taking the picture) Posted by Hello

picture picture before leaving Posted by Hello

because of my injury i busied myself with talkin' to the high priestess  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

No more 2nd round of snorkeling because I got injured hehehe Posted by Hello

After a boatride Bogart greeted us at the resort pier, the cute amphibious herc-dog really caught our hearts Posted by Hello

The Long Drive to Batangas for snorkeling took 3 hours then back to San Pablo Laguna for a sleepover party another 3 hours Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 26, 2005

More recently (last tuesday) we went to Don Henricos Banawe and had a sumptuous Buffet as a close to the year (although not all our grades have already been released)
 Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 24, 2005

i was trying to send this but was not able to during finals anyway its still nice to contemplate on the loss of my "costly" mane Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

all will come to pass

the school year coming to a close is an event i
seem not to notice / not that i ignore it
purposely but it really seems to pass my
attention / my imminent failure perhaps clouds my
senses as part of my emotional defense / it hits
me from time to time / there's so little chance
this time / i am literally at the mercy of my
professors / well you may not know the problem so
i will elaborate / i am having trouble in
pharmacology / one (just one) of the dreaded
second year subjects / i really cannot blame
myself this time (i usually do) / i did what i
had to do (well most of the time that is) / there
were bouts of laziness i admit / but very
insignificant / i do not say this to do justice to
myself / for no justice can lift me here from
where i am / i am simply mentioning facts / for
most part of the year i have actively
exothermically fought to achieve an acceptable
mark / but of course to my dissappointment / i
did not even get an 'acceptable' / it seems i
improved / a little / too insignificant still /
well / i recon / if ever i repeat this subject /
ill see to it ill pass the next time / what can i
do with the numerous free time but study pharma :-)
i do not have heavy feelings
/ i am grateful everyone in my family is
understanding of my circumstances