Sunday, May 28, 2006

golden dawn

pretty much what we saw as we went out our last stop, formula bar in tomas morato. i think it was past six am and boy were we all spent! my day out the house started 2 p.m. the day before and i got home 7 a.m. the next morning.

my batchmates decided to have a get-together and we met in nipa hut near ortigas. we were around 30, and i haven’t seen many of them since angelicum days. so we talked talked talked until around after midnight when nipa hut was throwing us out already. i haven’t downed any alcohol yet, great pacing huh, yeah and boy was i right to pace myself. we tracked out to the fort to pier one, with an invisible convoy, i rode with manong in his toycar, following our convoy head who didn’t know where we were going! hahaha!

and so we sat and talked and laughed at about almost everybody in pier one. a lot of pictures, impersonations, new gossips i even didn’t know about! hahaha and of course as claude (uncombed and unruly) reminded me, some of the funniest jests. and so like nipa hut, management was already handing us our bill even if we haven’t asked for it so we decided to scoot. apparently, mr. versoza isn’t done yet and invited us to formula bar in tomas morato for a few more.

of course the placed rocked, and epileptics can’t go in with those kinds of lights! and the music! everything just totally wild! we toasted to our batch and to us the real batch matibay who welcomed the golden dawn in each others arms.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Two Years of Posting

thanks guys for reading my banters here ^_^ hope you continue to visit me. i especially thank robert, you give me posting advice although i apparently still post garbage hahahaha! i haven't come around to writing that post about wrong eductional practices in medschool, but i haven't forgotten it. thank you to marge and tina, you may account for 75% of the hits here hahahaha! and thank you again to all visitors who don't leave comments, fine, lurking is fine with me, i'll take what i can hahahaha! love y'all!

i still love you kathy even if you didn't win, i love you too mr. elliott! i can't believe you sang with one of my most favorite singers too! you rock mary j!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

American Idol

Congratulations Taylor! I hope you have a great career.

I'll see you soon Kathy and Elliott.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

two years!!!

i'll be celebrating my 2nd year posting in this blog on may 26! unbelievable! and in two years time i'll be celebrating 10 years of my worthless presence on the internet hahaha i'm getting old ^_^


I've got McPheever!!!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

paula's funky white boy

i'll be first in line to buy your album when you release one. congratulations mr. yamin for making it into the top three. you're going to be a superstar!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Vote like 'Yamin' it!

kathy! my kathy sang my favorite song in the whole world!!! "Somewhere over the rainbow!" thank's to simon for choosing it. i hope she pushes through.

elliott's probably gonna go. it would really be a miracle if he stays on. i agree with some people in elliott yamin forums who said that his trip home and back, the pressure of being on the top three, may be affecting him especially because he has diabetes and it's really hard to perform on that kind of setting when you're blood sugar is on a roller coaster. on some nights, i can totally see when he's hypo or hyperglycemic hehehe. if he goes home, he'll get his well deserved rest and im sure he'd still get tons of offers.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

woohoo!!! thank you! thank you!

i passed the objective part! have to wait for the essay part results though. i hope i also passed it. it'll really be a downer if i failed it. please help me God! mama mary pray for me! i give this to the virgin of the most holy rosary, i know she won't let me down. i was really worried because i was totally out of my comfort zone but was really surprised i even got a higher score than my biology subject area exam. anyway... thanks for all your prayers ^_^


Monday, May 15, 2006


the sun'll come out tomorrow! i hope i do well tomorrow. this is the last step of my certification process. i know God's Holy Spirit will be with me and so are your prayers. ^_^ Happy Mother's Day to all your moms!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Just Unbelievable

elliot. top two... unbelievable... america is a really mature audience... i cannot believe it! it's not that i don't want him going into the finals, I DO! but i thought everything was against him, i saw taylor's face get a little worried when he was grouped with eliott. well, chris sang his swan song and kathy stayed on. but if i had my way, i would have rather have taylor get eliminated rather than chris. thank God you saved my kathy. en hora buena elliot!!!

elliott's night

I gotta say last night… was Elliott’s night. His two performances were definitive. He was great great great! I was really moved by ‘If I can dream.’ Simon was right, he showed he deserved to be in the semi-finals. I can confidently say he sounded better than chris and taylor last night. I hope he goes through.

My poor Kathy was at a disadvantage, it was a boy’s night. The theme was just not for her although her first performance was hot!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

wrthless lnguage

am i a magnet for "filipinos!?" (and yes im using filipino as a derogatory term here) hahahaha the girl beside me in the jeep earlier was using me as her backrest! the bitch! i know im fat but i definitely don't look like a couch! she should sit straight-up! i really shoved her a little in the right direction. and then i overheard her saying to her boyfriend (she recieved an sms) "kinumpleto!... ang tanga naman nito di marunong magshortcut..." who does she think is stupid here!? maybe this girl already forgot that the CORRECT way of writing things is not in this stupid txt shrcts language.

have we become so idiotic that the accetable form is this shitty text language which i am disgusted with!? poor poor philippines.... :-(

Friday, May 05, 2006


(don't read ahead if you haven't taken your dinner yet)

i think i've been in my most disgusting FX ride yet. the guy beside me was sound asleep, snoring and worst of all! DROOLING! and it's not the flowing in the cheeks type (hehehe) his head was hanging down so it made a visible string from his mouth to his lap, yech... perhaps he's just so tired. it's really embarassing. very viscous eeeew! hahahaha! and the two rabbits in my front we're busy doing something perversive on the other hand (i was sitting at the back by the door). what a night...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I know... I know...

Thank you God! You saved Elliott once again. He should choose songs wisely now. I wonder if they can contact their families and other people to ask advice on their song choices… hmm… I think they can’t divulge information.

My honest evaluation of the remaining contestants is that :

  • In General – all the four remaining contestants are good vocalists. It will be really a favoritism battle. Paris also had a good vocal ability and she just fell short on her fanbase perhaps.
  • Kathy – will have no problem with working the audience (especially me hehehe), it’ll be song choices that’ll be the limiting factor. No vocal problem at all. I still believe she’ll end up the winner.
  • Chris – has less audience appeal than Kathy, probably his rocker attitude. He showed his weakness this week, his voice may be giving up. His song choices are ok so far. He’ll definitely be in the final two
  • Elliott – I place him on third pretentiously fantasizing that he’ll overcome Taylor. Voice is great, but bad song choices. You can’t get on choosing bad songs. Based on yesterday alone, Elliott deserved to go. But Lady Luck loves my team ^_^
  • Taylor – has never been in the bottom anything. His bottom has been on the floor though. It’ll all depend on the voters who’ll go home next. Voice is great, always chooses songs as white as his hair to be safe, I’d like to see him try interpreting a song way out of his usual repertoire. But I doubt he’ll do it at this stage.

You can tell...

…by now that I’m becoming obsessed. Well, what’s new? Hehehe. Kathy, you can’t do wrong anything in my eyes. Kathy’s performances were great last night, I’m not sure if randy was right about the pitchy things, it didn’t sound pitchy on TV. The second performance was even greater, with the sitting on the floor and the other people on stage.

I’m afraid last night may be the last for Elliott. I’m really sad thinking about it. He has a very good quality in his voice. And I’m sure I’ll buy any album of his when he gets a deal. Bad song choices, it’s all there is to it. and I totally agree that you can’t be singing “…I wanna go Home…” Hehehe. I pray it’ll be paris saying bye bye instead of him ^_^ but he deserves it.

By the way, Kathy... thank you for the wardrobe malfunction ^_^ hehehehe