Sunday, May 07, 2006

wrthless lnguage

am i a magnet for "filipinos!?" (and yes im using filipino as a derogatory term here) hahahaha the girl beside me in the jeep earlier was using me as her backrest! the bitch! i know im fat but i definitely don't look like a couch! she should sit straight-up! i really shoved her a little in the right direction. and then i overheard her saying to her boyfriend (she recieved an sms) "kinumpleto!... ang tanga naman nito di marunong magshortcut..." who does she think is stupid here!? maybe this girl already forgot that the CORRECT way of writing things is not in this stupid txt shrcts language.

have we become so idiotic that the accetable form is this shitty text language which i am disgusted with!? poor poor philippines.... :-(

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