Sunday, May 28, 2006

golden dawn

pretty much what we saw as we went out our last stop, formula bar in tomas morato. i think it was past six am and boy were we all spent! my day out the house started 2 p.m. the day before and i got home 7 a.m. the next morning.

my batchmates decided to have a get-together and we met in nipa hut near ortigas. we were around 30, and i haven’t seen many of them since angelicum days. so we talked talked talked until around after midnight when nipa hut was throwing us out already. i haven’t downed any alcohol yet, great pacing huh, yeah and boy was i right to pace myself. we tracked out to the fort to pier one, with an invisible convoy, i rode with manong in his toycar, following our convoy head who didn’t know where we were going! hahaha!

and so we sat and talked and laughed at about almost everybody in pier one. a lot of pictures, impersonations, new gossips i even didn’t know about! hahaha and of course as claude (uncombed and unruly) reminded me, some of the funniest jests. and so like nipa hut, management was already handing us our bill even if we haven’t asked for it so we decided to scoot. apparently, mr. versoza isn’t done yet and invited us to formula bar in tomas morato for a few more.

of course the placed rocked, and epileptics can’t go in with those kinds of lights! and the music! everything just totally wild! we toasted to our batch and to us the real batch matibay who welcomed the golden dawn in each others arms.

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