Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year Everybody!

a few hours before 2006... i thank everybody who has been part of my life this year in one way or another: the people of a1 2008; the people of a1 & a2 2007; the class maximus; my new pals in ortigas who i can't even remember the names (my usual dilemma^_^); ate ruth & family; kuya anthony; my pals from angelicum; robert, marge and tina; my dad & mom, potsy and God! thank you for all the blessings this year! and although i'm crossing the years pretty sick(again for the umpteenth time), i feel soooo blessed...

i feel that the year coming will be a year of change in superaltive proportions for me... i'm excited at the same time nervous... i hope God's spirit is with me all the way... sigh... and of course! because it's saturday! it's time for!!!...

my week's 5 favorite things :

1. Phantom of the Opera (movie) - i have the dvd, just magnificent
2. Everytime You Hear Auld Lang Syne - really touching
3. Mr. John Williams - just... glorious music
4. Marshmallows
5. My new dieting technique - which i invented hehehe


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Everybody !!!

it's Christmas Eve (well not technicaly hehehe) but i am already wishing everybody a blessed christmas. let's remember what this night represents. and it doesn't matter if we really don't believe that on this excact date Christ was born, what matters is that He was! we just lost his birth certificate and decided that a really cold month is good month to celebrate! spread the love people!

and it's saturday so... here's my week's favorite things:

1. coco jam from kuya anthony
2. the 2005 maximus medicinae christmas party
3. leoning's pinong palabok
4. christmas in the philippines


5. tina & marge! merry christmas my princesses! God bless us three!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Our Christmas Party 2005

my classmate and birthday-mate tin alba hosted the class party at her paraƱaque house. had fun and the food was good. our subsec sponsored the food as i see it (jamie brought the food ^_^).

at long last... a complete subsec a2 (as complete as can be unfortunately) ^_^ - - chris, gelo, jamie, vina, ice, ivy, keech, steff, tin, aids, benrub, philip, ton, jet, joan, cha, aileen, marose, mean, ryan, and yaps

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Readings on Motivation

i'd like to share a few things i've been reading, some people may know directly what i'm implying, for others, you may be able to use the new knowledge ^_^ these are researches on motivation and goal orientation :

"achievement motivation research initially established that effort and persistence on achievement tasks are greater in people who set goals of moderate difficulty(neither too hard nor too easy for their current abilities), who seriously commit themselves to pursuing these goals rather than treat them as mere "pie-in-the-sky" hopes, and who concentrate on trying to achieve success rather than on trying to avoid failure (Dweck & Elliott, 1983)"

"Effort and persistence are greater when people perceive a continuing connection between the level of effort they invest in a task and the level of mastery that they achieve (Cooper, 1979)"

"Effort and persistence are greater when people believe that the potential to control outcomes (e.g., achieve success on the task) lies within themselves rather than in external factors that they cannot control (Stipek & Weisz, 1981; Thomas, 1980)"

"Effort and persistence are greater when people believe that they can bring about desired outcomes through their own actions (act as origins) rather than feeling that they are pawns whose fate is determined by factors beyond their control (deCharms, 1976)"

no wonder... ^_^


Saturday, December 17, 2005

My Week's Top Five

1. i'm in the mood for love - the movie album
2. barbra streisand... and other musical instruments
3. cassava from white thumb ^_^
4. biology! hahaha
5. charlize theron

Nobody Taught Us How to Study

looking back, i'm quite disappointed studying skills were not taught to us as students. i realized, i, and i think most of my classmates never learned these skills through our teachers and we're left alone to discover how assimilation of knowledge takes place.

im beginning to think this is the reason why i have difficulty memorizing. well it's not that i can't memorize, but i'd rather avoid it altogether if i can (y'know what i mean) ^_^ my most effective way of doing it is: typing it in the computer in a big font maybe size 24 at 150% reading it aloud while i type it and then doing it again and again. i believe that when more senses are working to accomplish remembering something, it would be easier to recall. this way, i am using my tactile(keyboard) sense, hearing, and seeing it as well. you can say i'm still working on how to smell it hehehe.

well anyway, memorization is so low in the cognitive ladder its obvious it's not an good way of learning. no wonder there are many people who are good at remembering stuff but can't put it all together. this requires higher order thinking. the cognitive ladder from lowest to highest : knowledge(part of which is memorization), comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. so if you have exams/professors whose questions are application, that's good, it's more challenging and starts to require you to use higher order thinking.

how has my studying skills evolved? well they're better that's all i can say. i am more efficient than when i was starting college. i can say i have developed more ways to motivate myself to study without a threat of test. i can even say i am ENJOYING staying up late for something ^_^ for those who know me... surprising yeah! hahaha Medicine sort of jump-started me, forced me to make study skills for myself... sigh... only through continuous challenges can we keep on improving. i've read that for people to get motivated to do something, the task must be appropriate in difficulty(we have to think that at we have at least 50% chance of success) and the reward we are going to recieve at the end must be something appealing to us(passing is appealing). it's true... stuff from research they can be creepingly true... i have been reading on motivation and you'd be surprised that some are so... "that's common sense" but seeing people study this and write about it makes us realize that some of this concepts are universal and can be applied to help other people get motivated to study and do stuff. i know i'm already blabbering here so i'll share more as i learn more ^_^


Saturday, December 10, 2005

My Week's Top Five

1. My Streisand Specials DVD Set
2. Longanisang Ilocos
3. Gavin De Graw's More than Anyone
4. American Chopper
5. Naruto

Great Great Gift!

i recieved my Streisand Specials yesterday and watched 3 of the 5 specials :

1. My Name is Barbra April 1965
2. Color Me Barbra March 1966
3. The Belle of 14th Street October 1967
4. A Happening in Central Park Spetember 1968
5. Barbra Streisand ... and Other Musical Instruments November 1973

this is just barbra at her best, pure and crystalline voice, you don't even know when she's breathing, it's just like one endless note :-)


Sunday, December 04, 2005

Meg's Debut

we attended meg's debut tonight. potsy was part of the 18 princes(18 roses) and mom the 18 treasures. me... i think i tasted almost all parts of the buffet, specially liked the maki, the chicken fillet and the fish fillet ^_^