Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sparring with the Devils of EAMC

I have yet to publish my unfinished initial rant about the DR Nurses at East Avenue but as of our last duty, more things have happened.
  1. Me-an, our most patient, kind groupmate who we have rarely seen get mad broke her fuse during our last duty and confronted a DR nurse who cannot shut up and endlessly comments nasty stuff within your earshot
  2. A nurse tore off and threw our junior intern's discharge summary. Our JI already makes this and inserts them at the chart even on admission so that all they have to do is fill up the last details of the PE on discharge to lessen their work. Bitch!
  3. A nurse keeps on throwing down charts rudely.
  4. A nurse pulled an instrument rack i was resting my head on (I have not gotten any sleep). She neither apologized nor did anything even when I made an audible "Aray!"
  5. A nurse said to me... "Ano ba yan, Poor Assist." during a surgery.
I am losing my mind. I don't understand why we have tolerate this kind of behavior from them. And don't they tell us that what they do is tiring because they are only on 8 hours per day. I don't remember if I forgot anything more but I will try to recall everything. I DON'T WANT TO FORGET.

MV Doulos

MV Doulos with Verle, Kaye and Steff

We revisited MV Doulos while docked in Manila this year. I wasn't able to buy anything, but I had fun taking photos. We ate at Brooklyn Pizza in Robinson's Place Manila afterward.

Lunch at Bigoli's

We had lunch at Bigoli's Trinoma. Yes, I had Italian for both lunch and dinner. It was to be our last lunch together. The OB resident's schedule has been jumbled and they are not our duty-mates anymore. Sob. Sob. I loved our dynamic. We knew how each other works and we were already efficient in how we do things. I hate the people who had to separate us. Hmmp.

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Back to Intramuros

The Fugitive Interns

This is the funny story of two fugitive intern pals Marco and Chris.

After a toxic rotation, these two interns gave up on all the worries of life and looked forward to a benign rotation before going into the hell of obstetrics. I think they decided that nothing will stand on their way of getting their much needed R&R.

Day 1. The two fugitives decided they did not want to go immediately and show up at their rotation. They had lunch at Trinoma instead. After they finally showed up at their respective rotation. They were assigned patients to rounds for SOAPing.

Day 2. Attended a conference with free food. Of course they were present. Free Food. Chris's top two favorite words. Which can go separately and together become even better! Free. Food. Free Food!!! The patients!? What Patients??

Day 3. OPD Day. oops... They had a "reporting" -- not a lie, they did had a reporting which took the entire afternoon. Still no patients :-)

Day 4. Finally. OPD. Chris saw... 1 patientssssssss. Marco 1 patientssssssssss... pretty busy... It came to pass that it was time to wrap up the OPD. Both were sitting across the intern's monitor when... "So.... who is your patient in the ward?" .... .... .... (Marco pursed his lips... his EEG and ECG tracings must have been off the charts already. Chris pretended to look at the ceiling) "You don't have patients yet have you!?" (Chris slowly shakes his head while looking remorseful) HAHAHAHAHA well... the fellow... did not get mad and assigned them each one patient plus a whole ward to make rounds :-) ... and had them report on a topic too...

Day 5. After their reporting another fellow asked "Why are you asking them so many questions?" Answers "Because they're so MASIPAG (with all the sarcasm in the world)" bwahahahahaha...

So it came to pass that these two are now in a VERY TOXIC ROTATION two months short of finishing their internship.