Monday, February 26, 2007

La Naval de Manila Online

I've started a La Naval Blog as part of my celebration for the centennial of the cannonical coronation.

Link to La Naval de Manila Online

Thursday, February 22, 2007

sweet silver birthday

happy birthday princess high priestess!!! ^_^ i get it you're currently not happy with your day, but i suppose it'll turn around soon enough ^_^ have a good one!


p.s. i hope we can all finally get together sometime soon before i start with clerkship

almost there...

clerkship, just a few more weeks... we've all waited an extended time for this, to prove ourselves. this thing's constantly in my mind now and i'd just have to unload. i've been thinking how long i'll last before a patient dies on me (hope not), when i'll recieve my first scolding, or when i'll have my first fight with a co-clerk because of exhaustion. well i'm not looking forward to all of that but i think it happens to every medical clerk. from my conversations with our former classmates, here are a few interesting things (not necessarily in a good way) about clerkship :

  1. clerkship is literally being a clerk. paperwork. paperwork. paperwork
  2. you have to buy a sleeping bag. there's not enough sleeping provisions to go around though i think we would be rarely getting any sleep. but i suppose as we adapt we'll learn how to sneak some zzz's hehehe
  3. you have to learn the art of "DA"
  4. you have to learn the art of "shopping"

more to come as i remember them... hehehe

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007

my week's top five XVIII *revived

since it's only on saturdays i can really post something, bear with the sudden vomiting of posts hehehe. my week's top five, revived:
  1. pesto - can't get enough of the bottled cheap pest, i eat it almost every other day!
  2. peanut butter - kim, me-an, verle, my, and surprisingly... candice's(!) ambrosia, we should create a peanut butter fan club!
  3. ma-ling - mmm mmm mmm a living-alone-guy's best friend ^_^ thanks again steff
  4. java chip venti (starbucks) - remembered a lot of my neurology last thursday night for the second shifting exam thanks to steff, verle and biel
  5. my house - it's not perfect, but i really appreciate it

happy bday emong

jerome's birthday a1 & steff
his townhouse, dos castillas, manila

for a friend *wink ^_^

better than scrubs

i don't want to forget this HAHAHAHA

story : Patient is post op mitral valve replacement ready to be discharged... doctor asks his students to get a history and physical exam but can't look at the patient's chart and has to ask him the course in the wards (or what he can remember of it) and consider the patient seeing them the first time at that time
doctor : what is the complete cardiac diagnosis?
student : ah.... doctor the patient doesn't have a problem anymore
doctor : what!? give a complete cardiac diagnosis!

(nyaaaah what the !? as my friend said the patient could be NYHA class 0-0!? duh! is this doctor stupid or stupid?)

doctor : what did you hear in you physical exam was there a murmur or an abnormal finding?
student : no doctor, we just heard the artifical valve's clicking
doctor : what!? this slip of paper says this patient has mitral valve regurg, you should hear a murmur go back to the patient!!!
students : eh doctor the patient is already post op! she had it replaced.

my goooooooooooodnesssss...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

clicky tops and twisty bottoms

how do we want to learn? do we want others forcing us to do some things or do we want to do things our own way and not drag everyone with each step? as i observe, there were us, the irregregs who did things a certain way and the others. i cannot say that we (the irregregs) had the best of ways in everything, well, considering what happened to us anyway. but shouldn't have that given us things that we have learned from our experience?

it hasn't only been once that we have tried to give well-meant advice and got ignored... only to turn out that we were right, and still not get acknowledged. sigh... well, now i can see how a parent feels. i can see clerkship will be ONE BIG TERRIBLE HEADACHE looking after own assess and now we have to look after them too...