Friday, May 29, 2009

The Sex Video Scandal

I was watched the senate hearing on the Hayden-Katrina Sex Video scandal on youtube. I have several observations.
  1. Katrina Halili may not be that good an actress, but SHE IS ONE. Ang arte niya. She canoodled with an attached man, believed he loved her etc., and participated willingly in 3 out of 4 videos. "I haven't gotten work since February" blah blah blah... I'm sure this media circus is really bad for her career, yeah right...
  2. Senator Madrigal is the only one qualified to be a senator in that panel. I mean, yeah, all people have the right to serve. Have the right, but I think once you've been chosen, you have to make yourself deserving. Educate yourself. I think Senator Revilla and Senator Estrada have already been the products of their parent's wealth, so they had every chance... they went to exclusive schools blah blah blah pero bakit parang they seem stupid to me (sorry but that's what I'm getting). Sentaor Revilla's questions are biased and some doesn't have anything to do with the objective of the hearing (to educate the Senators on how to make new laws concerning these kinds of things). Senator Estrada have not even seen the video being discussed (which I am highly doubtful). And these people... discussing this things as if they themselves are not pervs. pfft... Sino kaya ang mas maraming duming tinatago?? Please don't vote for this people next time. Please lang po.
  3. Hayden would not be in this mess had he not recorded those stuff. He truly is responsible for what is going on. Kudos to the way he conducted himself. He is a doctor afterall. Answering stupid questions... sigh... It's annoying hearing them, let alone if you have to answer. Hayden should get help for his problems.

I'm intrigued who this BIG FIGURE is who is responsible for spreading the video. hmmm... God will be his/her/their ultimate judge I guess.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Parish of the Holy Sacrifice

This amazing edifice was designed by Leandro Locsin, National Artist for architecture. The double-sided crucifix and altar is by National Artist for sculpture Napoleon Abueva. The wall murals of the stations of the cross are by National Artist Vicente Manansala.

The Burial of Jesus


Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

more photos can be seen < here >

Friday, May 22, 2009


more photos can be seen < here >

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Old Churches of Laguna

I joined my mom at our parish's summer pilgrimage.

Our Lady of the Pillar Church
Alaminos, Laguna

In the year 40, the Virgin Mary appeared to St. James the Great on Ebro River in Zaragoza atop a Pillar which is until present preserved within the Basilica of Nuestra SeƱora del Pilar de Zaragoza. This is the title to which this church, one of the oldest in the country 1575 is dedicated to. The church in Alaminos has been renovated and the interior is modern. I think the facade has also been rehashed. I didn't like the classical curve of the windows on top of gothic spires. It's tacky and the stained glass windows is not impressive at all.

San Pablo Cathedral
San Pablo City, Laguna

The diocese of San Pablo was created in 1967 and this church had the privelege of being elevated into a cathedral. The church is huge. This was the only church we visited that had the latin cross interior with a crossing and a dome on top. The church interior has sparse decoration and no retablo. The crucifix at the altar is exquisite though. What I really liked about this church are the stations of the cross outside. Fantastic high-relief sculptures!

Church of Saint Sebastian the Apostle
Nagcarlan, Laguna

A pilgrimage church because of the cults to Saint Sebastian and San Diego de Alcala who are reported to have miraculous healing powers. Nearby is the famous Nagcarlan Underground Crypt. The mexican tiles of this church is superb, coupled with the beautiful retablos and pews. This is my second favorite Lagunda church.

Church of Saint John the Baptist
Liliw, Laguna

Masterfully renovated. They have kept with the original look of Philippine churches. I love the brick facade. But the caretakers are rude, they turned off the lights on us. I mean, if were a little noisy, they could have asked us to pipe down but instead, they turned the light on us!

Church of Saint Gregory the Great
Majayjay, Laguna

My favorite! Beautiful beautiful brick walls, beautiful retablos, beautiful mexican tiles, and I loved the high-relief scultpures decroating the wall. The church is also HUGE! The buttresses remind me of Paoay church in Ilocos Norte.

Church of Mary Magdalene
Magdalena, Laguna

Beautiful town. Nice setting on top of a hill. They were kind enough to let us celebrate mass at their beautiful church. I loved the simple Altar Mayor with the original retablo.

Saint Anthony de Padua Church
Pila, Laguna

The interior is renovated but is tastefully done. The retablos are beautiful but this was I think the smallest of the churches we visited.

I was saddened that every visit had to be very quick because we had a lot of places to go too. I was not able to photograph all I want. I think for a lot of the ladies, they only spent time to go to the toilet at every stop. Hahaha!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Plog No. 18 : Last Memories

Unbelievable, this was a random smiley

Jingle Baby. Skin Tag or Meningocoele?
.Ma and Pa

From Status. On the Way Home.

Wow! I'm the Senior?!

Stealing the baby

A rare sight, an empty Labor Room

Jeeps in Cebu look like this

Marco and Alex PCMC Morning Endorsements

Marco Vaccinating

Ice Cream Anyone?

Lung Center Mortuary

Nothing per Orem

Ensaymada Boobs


Kim and Me

Me and Marianne

Me and April
UP-Ayala Land

Chocolate Pancake and "Skletar" Hand Me-An

Crunch Time

Our Lady of La Naval please bless all reviewers
Ora pro nobis

Three months. It would have to be enough.

Like a criminal waiting to be guillotined, I have been counting the days to that faithful august week when our 10 or so years of perseverance would be put to a test. I remember my college years, medschool years, clerkship and internship. I have indeed come a long way and a final block is standing on my way on becoming a licensed physician. I am just too eager to start working "with benefits" (I just feel I have been working for a year without any compensation hehehe - or rather, a meager compensation).

For now, a lot of us has enrolled in different review centers. I enrolled in the UST review, Kaye in UPEC, Steff and Verle waiting for the UP-PGH Exam Battery. I want us to do well. We will. Nothing is impossible with Mary's Intercession on our side. Mama Mary please pray for us.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Internship Graduation

The National Kidney and Transplant Institute played host to our DOH-PCSHC Post Graduate Internship Graduation4th of May 2009 at the NKTI Atrium. USEC Jade Del Mundo of the DOH was present. Our Group Leader Me-AN Recieved the Most Outstanding Intern award in General Medicine. Go Me-An!Me and My Mom

Preparing to go down, a Grand Entrance!

Pseudo Diplomas

Father Waiting for the Entrance

Group G (and me!)

More pictures at my flickr and multiply