Friday, May 29, 2009

The Sex Video Scandal

I was watched the senate hearing on the Hayden-Katrina Sex Video scandal on youtube. I have several observations.
  1. Katrina Halili may not be that good an actress, but SHE IS ONE. Ang arte niya. She canoodled with an attached man, believed he loved her etc., and participated willingly in 3 out of 4 videos. "I haven't gotten work since February" blah blah blah... I'm sure this media circus is really bad for her career, yeah right...
  2. Senator Madrigal is the only one qualified to be a senator in that panel. I mean, yeah, all people have the right to serve. Have the right, but I think once you've been chosen, you have to make yourself deserving. Educate yourself. I think Senator Revilla and Senator Estrada have already been the products of their parent's wealth, so they had every chance... they went to exclusive schools blah blah blah pero bakit parang they seem stupid to me (sorry but that's what I'm getting). Sentaor Revilla's questions are biased and some doesn't have anything to do with the objective of the hearing (to educate the Senators on how to make new laws concerning these kinds of things). Senator Estrada have not even seen the video being discussed (which I am highly doubtful). And these people... discussing this things as if they themselves are not pervs. pfft... Sino kaya ang mas maraming duming tinatago?? Please don't vote for this people next time. Please lang po.
  3. Hayden would not be in this mess had he not recorded those stuff. He truly is responsible for what is going on. Kudos to the way he conducted himself. He is a doctor afterall. Answering stupid questions... sigh... It's annoying hearing them, let alone if you have to answer. Hayden should get help for his problems.

I'm intrigued who this BIG FIGURE is who is responsible for spreading the video. hmmm... God will be his/her/their ultimate judge I guess.

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