Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Studying and Watching Movies

I just finished watching a very touching movie, Marley & Me. I could not help but shed a tear! The plot is a simple narrative about the life of a starting couple, and a dog and how their family grew. Mature and light, I could watch this movie every christmas...

I guess this is my therapy. I just could not go on studying continuously. I watch a movie, study, watch a movie, study... I hope I'm getting this right. I don't want to force myself because I know I could not retain what I'm reading that way. Anyway... back to reading...


PS : In the course of the past weeks, I have watched/rewatched: Inkheart, August Rush, Bride Wars, New in Town, and Push. Yes. I love movies. I keep track of New DVD releases. I go to the cinema alone when I want to really absorb a movie. ;-)

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