Sunday, June 28, 2009

A little bit older...

A new self-portrait. Can't believe my brother's turning 18 in a few hours. I should be getting on with my life hahaha! People my age are getting married, having kids, getting divorces... dying! Me, still bumming(""""studying"""""). I will never recommend being a physician to anybody. Serving humanity is crap. You serve yourself the first few years to make-up for your lost time. You realize you have a family, who you serve next, and by the time you want to do your part, you're almost a degenerate. I think I'd rather teach...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

His contributions to music cannot be ignored. The world has lost one of the last greats in the rank of Elvis Presley, James Brown, and Frank Sinatra. May his soul find eternal peace. My condolences to his children.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shame. We've really let ourselves go...

When was it that Filipinos we're proud of their craftsmanship? There used to be a time when Filipino-made equated to being of outstanding quality and longevity. Now, people find ways to cheat consumers for a few more bucks of profit in exchange for loss of loyalty.

Today, I have to encounters that really annoys me. Out I went to prepare the documents and requirements I need to file my application for the Physician Licensure Exams. I thought Copytrade stood for quality photocopies... well... I can't even read my transcript, and I had it photocopied powder! The answer... "Ganyan po talaga, sa machine po kasi... try niyo na lang po sa iba..." What the fuck?! As if she's going to give me back my money to try another copy company.

I then went to SM North EDSA to my favorite photo printing company Mitsubishi in the basement of the Main Mall. Well... lo and behold... all my pictures looked like photos from the 70's!!!!!! I was really pissed... their photos used to be so crisp. And I went there because they had the best value for quality, but now... I don't have qualms paying more if I am going to get quality, but how much?! how much is quality nowadays?! Is it worth an arm, leg or a kidney? Does this mean, doctors too can give less than quality service?

I think it is totally unfair that we have to take this crap from people who over services to consumers. We must always uphold what we think we deserve for what we paid. To the streets!!! LOL

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Studying and Watching Movies

I just finished watching a very touching movie, Marley & Me. I could not help but shed a tear! The plot is a simple narrative about the life of a starting couple, and a dog and how their family grew. Mature and light, I could watch this movie every christmas...

I guess this is my therapy. I just could not go on studying continuously. I watch a movie, study, watch a movie, study... I hope I'm getting this right. I don't want to force myself because I know I could not retain what I'm reading that way. Anyway... back to reading...


PS : In the course of the past weeks, I have watched/rewatched: Inkheart, August Rush, Bride Wars, New in Town, and Push. Yes. I love movies. I keep track of New DVD releases. I go to the cinema alone when I want to really absorb a movie. ;-)