Friday, September 30, 2005

Who's my thousandth visitor?

well... actually this count is not reliably accurate because i started putting the counter way off when this blog started and i must say that knowing has been online since 1998 it would mean it's an inaccurate count. AND! this ticker also counts me when i visit so.... (drum roll please!) ta-daaaa!!!! I am the thousandth visitor! HAHAHAHAHA! this is a realy nice gift for my birthday thank you everybody!


Thank Yous

thanks to all the people who greeted me today ^_^ special hi's to ms. tin alba who shares this birthday with me ^_^ special prayer for my grandpa who also shares this birthday with me!

special thanks to : my mom & dad, potsy; the highpriestess and the godess; tito roman, tita pat, kaitlynn and tristan; tita lites who gave me my cake ^_^; my med classmates, a1 and a2, and mr. acosta and verle; claude and robert and to everybody who greeted me and i forgot thank you! everybody, you're super!


Thursday, September 29, 2005

My Take on Imelda's Jewels

My take on this matter : I hope i don't get burnt at the stake but really... my opinion is that :


though these jewels were part of the country's dark history, these can be a very useful educational tool for our children and grandchildren. how more can they appreciate history when they see it with their own eyes how their forebearers suffered while other people swam in precious stones!?

who would probably buy these jewels when sold? (a) countries or their museums would want to add some valuable things to their national treasures i.e. the sminthsonian might buy a lot of it, (b) people, i.e. queens, princessess, and other royalty and people who can afford them.

sigh... our history displayed on other's people's museums or rotting away in a private vault. this is unacceptable to me. we should give these to our own national museum, heck! we can call these the philippine crown jewels.

i think the fact that they were attached to our history and mrs. marcos made these jewels priceless... and the money that we will get with selling this stuff- do you really think that most of it will go to the farmers!?

i really don't know why i'm so appaled by the idea of "giving" away our history. i remember this instance when my mom told me that she had one of the rings(heirloom said to be more than cenntury old) given to her by her auntie melted and made into new jewelry and i think i was really affected :-( call me a freak but i thought part of my family history melted with that

La Naval Enthronement

whew! it really was exhausting... holding back my emotions that is... hahahaha! I was really surpised I thought I’ve had it with 3 (or 4?) years of attending the la naval festivities, but I just cannot explain it!?? Seeing the image like a queen being brought down the church nave, preceeded by like 50 priests dressed similarly. It’s just like a queen entering her court. People were clapping… touching… waving their paƱolitos… crying…

I got to touch the image, paganistic you might think, but I just really had the urge to touch it as it passed by in front of me. The image wasn’t wearing her real-real beautiful jewels maybe they thought it was better she dressed casually as she passed the people.

Of course there were these heavenly voices of the tiples again serenading their queen. Whew! Well… at least I didn’t cry… not yet :-)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

my favorite house moment...

my favorite house moment? hahaha! nothing can be better than this ^_^ i captured this from episode 5. thank you to mr. brabante for giving me the whole first season ^_^

Monday, September 26, 2005

reflections on life cycles

i was just reading about ecology earlier and i am now realizing on the extent of how much we did and did not learn on this subject. true, our professor may have been one of the course's most proficient and skill-oriented instructors but still the subject ultimately did not cover basic concepts that must have been studied. I remember such things disregarded to be reported (which of course no one pays attention to ^_^ )

anyway… to the segue. The high priestess was just talking about cycles in life, particularly to the seemingly incredible adherence of ours to a pattern that is both mmm shall we say pleasing and revolting (hehehe)

I sincerely hope nothing unpalatable happens to anyone of us especially now that we should be celebrating the fruitful lovelife of the godess but this makes me reflect… are we really following cycles during the course of our lives?

In my case, the simple example of my encounter in pharma may be enough, and i cannot stress enough how much I fought to try not to go through with this experience (again in this case) well… so much for trying. but in this pattern, a very invigorating prospect dawns… highschool : bad experience, college : good experience, medschool : BAD experience, my new moment in life : GOOD experience! ha! so it seems I may not need to worry at all!

Yet… a lot of things bother me, friends and family of course. adjustment, and a lot of other terrible things that though I’ve thought about, still would be a challenge when I face them in reality

Hmm… for the godess – what are my foresights into your new foray? … (reflect… reflect…digging into my 8th sense… {hehehe}) I really haven’t met your guy so I’ll delay that for now…

Your pureness, high priestess (haha!) I read your writings and I realize that everything is a choice, the fact that we are here where we are is proof enough. I admire your courage and resiliency. Sigh… you know me I am a real slothful person hahaha! But day by day I am slowly realizing medschool has really transformed me into something of a studying machine hehehe, for how many months now I haven’t lost my zest to study! And even though there are moments that I’d rather watch tv and play pc-games! Something just zaps my ass and makes me study hahaha! Must be the smell of green money hahahaha!

There can be no greater “thank yous” I can give for the valuable life lessons you both thought me during our everyday conversations, they’re something that have become carved in my tablet permanently, and I assume, something that would be a good point of argument with my future women (hehehe) well really this a thanks (hehe)

This is long… huh the point of this being…? hahaha the godess has just gone to a higher plane… so it was just fitting to go back to some things that tie us up… I pray more good things in store for us and everyone else…

Sunday, September 25, 2005

it's that time of year again

  • it's that time of year again when i go to do my devotion to the lady of the most holy rosary la naval de manila enshrined in the now 51 years old sto. domingo church. time to hear the tiples sing "... adios reina del cielo!" the enthronement is on september 29 at 4 or 5 pm i forgot. i've placed a link below the title bar of this blog to my old la naval page. most of the links don't work but just enjoy the pictures ^_^ if anyone has la naval stories to tell email them to me and i'll post them on the la naval mini-webby.

  • i'm starting to feel the air turn cold ^_^ yep, christmas is just around the corner. it's really nice lights are going up again and lot's of food served hehehe

  • i got the guilty pleasures cd from astroplus in the podium a few days ago and everysong is very satisfying i espcially love the songs: it's up to you, all the children and (our love) don't throw it all away

Friday, September 16, 2005

Med Week

busy week, as i've said, my talents were pretty much exploited this week, since my work portfolio isn't going to be active anytime soon, i share the job i did with the ust faculty of medicine and surgery student council :
it's for the student council to be put in our lobby, photos were of mr. allan brabante (i did not have time to orchestrate them myself because of other graphic jobs) and more ideas by verle ^_^ we had a fun time doing it and we have a special cameo in the large (4 X 3 feet) tarpaulin billboard : (see the keyboard at the bottom of the poster, i did a little tinkering^_^)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

>> my deepest condolences to the family of my former highschool teacher Mr. Crispin Astrologio, he wasn't really technically my teacher, but he helped me and the emperor through a lot, may he rest in peace

>> on a lighter note, i am really elated to know that i'm really in demand in school (haha) well, i'm happy they appreciate my graphic designing abilities ^_^ my current costumers?? mse (a sorority), the medical student council; my own org: medical missions, inc., and i also did our pharma alternative medicine presentation, all in one week! well well well... thank you to the people who exhaust my ideas ^_^

>> im going to activate my portfolio in a few weeks time (look up under the blog title) so you can see the things i designed for them

>> congratulations in advance to the godess ^_^ y'knaw what i mean hehe

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Night Out

we attended the high priestess' med week party at ratsky's morato ^ after an hour of ear-aching but otherwise nice live-band music, we transferred next door to my favorite coffee bar ^ coffee bean and tea leaf ^ chatted away till 2 am ^ 'twas nice to spend this time with you guys ^ hope we can go out sometime soon again ^

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Linnaeus' Clock

reviewing my botany ^ i came across several interesting things ^ one that really stuck on my mind and i searched for a picture in the net (because its very interesting) is about a horologium florae or a flower sundial thought of by Carolus Linnaeus ^ father of taxonomy ^ he noticed that several flowers opened and closed at different times of the day so he arranged them outside his house so that it could serve as a clock ^ wonderful right ^ and you may say he's very persistent ^ it must have taken him months to observe if the plants did keep to their schedule

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Free Streisand Single at Barnes & Nobles

from what i'm hearing, they're flying off like pancakes :-) btw, look at just what airbrushing and makeup can do to a 63 year old woman :-) just like buttah