Thursday, September 29, 2005

My Take on Imelda's Jewels

My take on this matter : I hope i don't get burnt at the stake but really... my opinion is that :


though these jewels were part of the country's dark history, these can be a very useful educational tool for our children and grandchildren. how more can they appreciate history when they see it with their own eyes how their forebearers suffered while other people swam in precious stones!?

who would probably buy these jewels when sold? (a) countries or their museums would want to add some valuable things to their national treasures i.e. the sminthsonian might buy a lot of it, (b) people, i.e. queens, princessess, and other royalty and people who can afford them.

sigh... our history displayed on other's people's museums or rotting away in a private vault. this is unacceptable to me. we should give these to our own national museum, heck! we can call these the philippine crown jewels.

i think the fact that they were attached to our history and mrs. marcos made these jewels priceless... and the money that we will get with selling this stuff- do you really think that most of it will go to the farmers!?

i really don't know why i'm so appaled by the idea of "giving" away our history. i remember this instance when my mom told me that she had one of the rings(heirloom said to be more than cenntury old) given to her by her auntie melted and made into new jewelry and i think i was really affected :-( call me a freak but i thought part of my family history melted with that

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