Sunday, September 04, 2005

Free Streisand Single at Barnes & Nobles

from what i'm hearing, they're flying off like pancakes :-) btw, look at just what airbrushing and makeup can do to a 63 year old woman :-) just like buttah


Robert said...

As you already know, I'm afraid I wasn't able to procure for you this free single from the Barnes & Noble at Pasadena since they don't have a music department. I didn't even realized that they didn't have a music department until the old man at the register - who apparently didn't even know what a single was until I said it was a CD - pointed it out. Anywho, that's the closest B&N for me and I even almost got lost going there and I almost hit the stupid freeway in looking for it. Hehehe! But that's okay, I had an adventure right there. And to top it off, there was no parking so I had to go back to my work and take the bus again from there. I wanted to buy a book at B&N, too, so I had fun anway. But I'll never drive to Old Town Pasadena again, with all its stupid one way roads and no parking. Hehehe! What an adventure!

Lord Zagato said...

thanks anyway :-) sorry for the disturbance :-)

Robert said...

You're very welcome. As I said, it wasn't a bother since I honestly had fun that day. I felt bad though since I wasn't able to get the single, which was my purpose in going there.