Monday, September 26, 2005

reflections on life cycles

i was just reading about ecology earlier and i am now realizing on the extent of how much we did and did not learn on this subject. true, our professor may have been one of the course's most proficient and skill-oriented instructors but still the subject ultimately did not cover basic concepts that must have been studied. I remember such things disregarded to be reported (which of course no one pays attention to ^_^ )

anyway… to the segue. The high priestess was just talking about cycles in life, particularly to the seemingly incredible adherence of ours to a pattern that is both mmm shall we say pleasing and revolting (hehehe)

I sincerely hope nothing unpalatable happens to anyone of us especially now that we should be celebrating the fruitful lovelife of the godess but this makes me reflect… are we really following cycles during the course of our lives?

In my case, the simple example of my encounter in pharma may be enough, and i cannot stress enough how much I fought to try not to go through with this experience (again in this case) well… so much for trying. but in this pattern, a very invigorating prospect dawns… highschool : bad experience, college : good experience, medschool : BAD experience, my new moment in life : GOOD experience! ha! so it seems I may not need to worry at all!

Yet… a lot of things bother me, friends and family of course. adjustment, and a lot of other terrible things that though I’ve thought about, still would be a challenge when I face them in reality

Hmm… for the godess – what are my foresights into your new foray? … (reflect… reflect…digging into my 8th sense… {hehehe}) I really haven’t met your guy so I’ll delay that for now…

Your pureness, high priestess (haha!) I read your writings and I realize that everything is a choice, the fact that we are here where we are is proof enough. I admire your courage and resiliency. Sigh… you know me I am a real slothful person hahaha! But day by day I am slowly realizing medschool has really transformed me into something of a studying machine hehehe, for how many months now I haven’t lost my zest to study! And even though there are moments that I’d rather watch tv and play pc-games! Something just zaps my ass and makes me study hahaha! Must be the smell of green money hahahaha!

There can be no greater “thank yous” I can give for the valuable life lessons you both thought me during our everyday conversations, they’re something that have become carved in my tablet permanently, and I assume, something that would be a good point of argument with my future women (hehehe) well really this a thanks (hehe)

This is long… huh the point of this being…? hahaha the godess has just gone to a higher plane… so it was just fitting to go back to some things that tie us up… I pray more good things in store for us and everyone else…

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