Monday, February 27, 2006

the country in turmoil

what can i say... i feel sick... literally... and this trouble broiling in this i don't know what kind of country is giving me all kinds of aches all over. sigh...

i must admit, i don't know a lot about politics. i don't watch local tv for allot'a reasons. the lost compelling is the headache it get listening to all the bad stuff that's happening. what i do know is that an armed conflict is never right whatever the reasons may be. it always will be a last choice for me if not entirely unavoidable. what's really getting on my nerves though, is people who are pretending to shun the idea of conflict but otherwise suddenly appear out of nowhere and douse the fire with fuel... hypocrites...

now, i don't claim sanctity but hey, neither do i deprive people of land do i? who among these politicians do you think should replace the president should she resign? who amongst those who say she should step down should have her place? she can always call a snap election and not run on it... but think about it, would that solve the crises of the country? who can? when all the while, every few months or so, with whoever is in malacañan, certain people will always feel abandoned, certain people will always claim the government abuse them, and clearly certain people will continue to use other people... people who need people, may not be the luckiest of people here. pfft...

i don't see the present president as a perfect president, and don't tell me i am a blind follower of a worthless leader. from my point of view, what is happening now is a result of our collective fault. people who lax their vigilance during the election process, and then say the process was manipulated by politicians to their advantage. people who bribe and those who accept bribes. people who forget how our forbearers sacrificed everything to give us the freedom that we apparently don't deserve. we forget... we were known for our unbreakable principles and integrity.

almost a three quarters of a century after we asked the americans to give us our freedom, we should reflect how far have we progressed from then... have we? or have we succumbed to the natural course of increasing disorder through time?

god be with us all

Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Week's Top Five - XIII

i want to make this week's top five all about the songs or music i like :
  1. big band! - wohoo! tan-tan-tananan new york, new york! love big band! like the closing theme of monsters inc. sung by billy crystal and randy newman hehehe just great
  2. soaring ballads - siempre siempre my babsie. evergreen is a great example.
  3. gospel - who can resist aretha's 'amazing grace?' really amazing. or barbra's 'on holy ground?' just hypnotizing...
  4. r&b - i really like mj blige. i like her raw voice, especially when she's getting it on hehehe... i also like alicia keys' voice and her little more bluesy side of rhythm&blues
  5. rock - robbie williams type rock that is. but i like green day too! and gavin de graw's chariot, i have to admit i like rock a lot hehehe

it seems i'm really eclectic.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Streisand Songs on American Idol

Barbra Streisand songs that have been covered on American Idol :

(in no particular order)
  1. people - vonzell solomon, AI4
  2. no more tears - diana de garmo, AI3
  3. somewhere - mikalah gordon, AI4; la toya london, AI3
  4. don't rain on my parade - la toya london, AI3
  5. since i fell for you - katharine mcphee, AI5

there are other songs thave were sung by babs but were not her original so i didn't include it in my list


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

random image

product of being idle for a long time... hahahaha! star is learning how to be a star ^_^

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Week's Top Five - XII

i am hearing waltz music from affar... someone's turning 18 and is probably already thinking when she'll get to have sex... pfft... or has probably done it already... anywho...
  1. boiled peanuts - mm mmm mmm i think i ate a bucket
  2. hopia mongo - oooohhh im getting fatter.... fatter.... and fatter...
  3. marge - marge did all the talking while i typed in reply hahaha i enjoyed being mute, as i am always the one doing the talking. you can do it marge! and i feel you won't get called on your conference... i hope... god bless you and tinababe
  4. green day - i like their songs
  5. volunteers of the philippine red cross - i applaud them, they are again sacrificing their time, energy and effort in trying to save lives in leyte... sigh... what is going on with the earth!? so much snow in new york... la niña here... snow in san francisco... is 'the day after tomorrow' approaching?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Valentines Post

i am a happy valentine's popsy ^_^ thank you marge, i really appreciate your wish of happiness. i am happy that this valentine's both my loves have their own lovey-doves to snuggle with hahaha enjoy yourselves, just don't do nothin' nasty, BWAHAHAHAHA! joke!

i am a very contented person as far as this moment is concerned. yes, i've told marge that of course from time to time i wonder or perhaps "fantasize" (urrgh yuck im going to puke hahahaha) how it would feel to be in a "dream-relationship." but i daresay i do not desire it at all (for the moment) hahahaha! im enjoying my freedom so much i think i will need my head to get pounded by a mallet first before i remove the force-field hehehe.

to all the lovers out there who read this blog... HEY WHY ARE YOU HERE!? shouldn't you be doing something else!? ^_^ yeehee hahaha! if it's feb 14 and if you're reading this... YOU SUCK! loko lang hahahaha... my parting message is very profound...

...GO FORTH... AND... MULTIPLY God's blessings... be a miracle (oh ha!) happy valentine's everybody

Saturday, February 11, 2006

san miguel philharmonic

marge told me the san miguel philharmonic orchestra will have a free concert tonight at the shang so we attended. we sat on the floor but enjoyed the evening, they played songs from their cd including my favorite 'ikaw lang ang mamahalin' by maestro levi cilerio, pop songs by eraserheads (hehehe they were really nice) a michel legrand medley and a broadway medley -- they played a lot more including 3 encores but i can't remember the repertoire.

what really surprised me is how many people came to watch. i didn't know a lot would be interested in orchestra music. im happy about the turnout ^_^



we have a magical broom. unfortunately, you wouldn't want to touch it... what's so magical about it!? ... apparently we have a broom that can ground you hahahaha and it seems our whole kitchen is grounded!

earlier, i was about to get a laddle but when i touched it, i was shocked! my mom told me then that there must be a grounded outlet somewhere and when she tries to touch utensils and stuff she gets grounded often (a disadvantate of a lot of stainless kitchen countertops) anyway, even our kitchen broom is grounded! hahaha this is pretty funny

grammys and my performance

i watched the grammys last thursday night and some of the things i distinctly remember hahahaha :
  • when u2 won for (i forgot) maybe record of the year), when the group stood up, 'we belong together' by mariah was played, hahaha bono looked suddenly straight faced, hahaha but i guess it was just the technician's nervousness (or maybe he was a mariah fan? hahahaha)
  • kelly clarkson... kelly clarkson could have won a guiness world record for talking soooo fast on her second win to squeeze in everything she wanted to say... hahahaha but you go girl... very good idea... an award's ceremony will be a fast-talk contest from now on
  • christina aguillera's performance -- mediocre... she coudn't reach what she should have been reaching... i was really disappointed... but i guess american audiences are easy to please they gave her and herbie a standing ovation
  • mariah's performance -- she got a standing ovation, nice... acceptable... but you could just see she's not what she used to be, i must say it took all her powers to go through the two songs hehehe, she was really straining and i was already getting ready to hear her flop, but i thank God she did not, i really like her i hope she can recover her powers from the past

anyway, i also performed, well i didn't sing.. but i conducted a seminar and unfortunately i had to share the stage with another student, but anyway, i think i may have unintentionally tricked her into: me doing the better part and her doing the part where many questions will be asked... AGAIN unintentional (hehehehe) i guess me and mama mary are really best friends HAHAHAHA - - it was in general a very straightforward presentation, i hope i got a good grade

zagato-- out!

My Week's Top 5 - XI

why won't anyone post comments?? huhuhu doesn't anything of my favorites remind you of your favorites? hehehe anyway, as long as you come to read, i thank you from the bottom of my limbic system. ^_^ thank you guys, even if you are all mute (hehehe)
  1. the ultimate - from coffee bean & tea leaf. mm-mm-mm. i'll waste good money if the coffee or cold-coffee is this good!
  2. san miguel philharmonic orchestra - i remember i just fell in love with orchestral music when i heard this orchestra play. even the 'spaghetti song' sounded good when they played it. tonight, we're going out to listen to ?? mmm manila philharmonic i think
  3. perry ellis - exquisite smell hehehe love it, thanks dad
  4. green day - i enjoy this one hehehe, very unlike me but hey! im sor'ta eclectic when it comes to music, i own from bach to streisand to robbie williams to enya to whatever hehehe
  5. Never has seen snow - from BS and other musical instruments. it's just impossible this is live hahaha but it is! and i don't think this performance will ever be repeated... ever... even streisand herself in her age now...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I am the Starlight

i "rediscovered" this song from Starlight Express, a broadway musical, it is lovely and the song's message is good. Ton gave me this compilation of broadway encores, and i have just listened to it again yesterday and loved a number of songs on it...

Starlight Express, Starlight Express...

Only you have the power within you.
Just believe in yourself -
The sea will part before you,
Stop the rain, turn the tide.
If only you use the power within you
Needn't beg the world
To turn around and help you
If you draw on what you have within you
Somewhere deep inside.

Starlight Express, Starlight Express
Are you real, yes or no?
Starlight Express, answer me yes.
I don't want you to go.

Rusty you're blind,
look in your mind - I'm there.
Nothing's new
The Starlight Express is no more nor less
Than you Rusty. I am you. I'm you and

Only you/I am the Starlight.
Have the power within you/I can achieve
Just believe in yourself/anything
The sea will part before you
Stop the rain and turn the tide/ All the things I didn't believe.
If only you/I am the Starlight.
Have the power within you/I can achieve
Just believe in yourself/anything
The sea will part before you
Stop the rain and turn the tide/ All the things I didn't believe.
If only you/I am the Starlight,
Use the power within you/I can see it throught.
Needn't beg the world to turn around and help you
If you draw on what is deep inside.

I won't let you down.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

my back is aching

i've been in front of the computer for almost an entire week. i've been doing a presentation on geriatric pharmacology and as i'm taking advantage of my numerous free time, i have spread the work doing a lot of game breaks, internet breaks, snack brakes, nap breaks, name it, i did it (wink) hahahaha just joking ^_^

anyway, i've been progressing steadily. i've never been this proud of myself, i didn't feel fed-up with any of the work. i guess this is just the way i work... i just can't go on continuously for extended periods of time. sigh... it's unfornate the world doesn't work the way i do...

i'm already on the making cue cards and making visual-aids part, and i still got three more days to do it, i see that i'll finish just in time and have lot's of time to rest in between hehehe ^_^

the downside of this is however, i have laxed my review for my "other thing" to focus on this... well... really don't care for the moment

Saturday, February 04, 2006

My Week's Top Five - X

i went back and counted my week's top five posts. i'm on number 10 now ^_^ and i'm not stopping! you're gonna hear from me! ... as always, in no particular order...

  1. ref cake filled with banana - isn't it obvious!? i think the first thing that comes to my mind writing this is FOOD! hahaha
  2. " does not exist only to entertain - but also to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for the truth." - Barbra Streisand from her speech in Harvard University JFK School of Government, "The Artist as Citizen" (photograph above)
  3. ate ruth! ate ruth - go! go! go! CONGRATULATIONS!!! wow! have you started making a list of things to bring? hehehe save me a bed in your house hahahaha
  4. sony ericsson z520i - just love it! thank's mom! wooho! imagine, quad band, BT, IR, camera for a cheap price, gotta love it
  5. the parent trap - it was on star world (i think) the other night and i've watched it i think for the nth time, but i never get tired of it, just a nicey-nicey movie


Thursday, February 02, 2006

im getting angry...

i just felt the need to say something in the middle of the week (as if i don't have a lot to say all the time) hehehe my mom told me about another mining-environment disaster, i'm just so sad about things like this happening here. i always believe we have one of the most blessed countries environmentally. and what would it take to make our people appreciate that!? if i could only urge God to smite those government officials who don't give a damn.

what am i doing about it you ask? well, here, im speaking about it. i don't have the power to influence changes, yet. but i vow that one day, i will what i can about these things.

my heart is with the people who are affected, the whales and sealife that are being poisoned, and the unborn children who will surely be affected. I WANT THE OWNERS OF THESE COMPANIES TO BE BATHED WITH and FORCE-FED THEIR OWN MINE TAILINGS!!!!! GRRR...

hahahaha on to lighter things....

scary movie 4 spoofs fockers hehehe