Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Week's Top Five - XII

i am hearing waltz music from affar... someone's turning 18 and is probably already thinking when she'll get to have sex... pfft... or has probably done it already... anywho...
  1. boiled peanuts - mm mmm mmm i think i ate a bucket
  2. hopia mongo - oooohhh im getting fatter.... fatter.... and fatter...
  3. marge - marge did all the talking while i typed in reply hahaha i enjoyed being mute, as i am always the one doing the talking. you can do it marge! and i feel you won't get called on your conference... i hope... god bless you and tinababe
  4. green day - i like their songs
  5. volunteers of the philippine red cross - i applaud them, they are again sacrificing their time, energy and effort in trying to save lives in leyte... sigh... what is going on with the earth!? so much snow in new york... la niƱa here... snow in san francisco... is 'the day after tomorrow' approaching?

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