Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Week's Top Five - XIII

i want to make this week's top five all about the songs or music i like :
  1. big band! - wohoo! tan-tan-tananan new york, new york! love big band! like the closing theme of monsters inc. sung by billy crystal and randy newman hehehe just great
  2. soaring ballads - siempre siempre my babsie. evergreen is a great example.
  3. gospel - who can resist aretha's 'amazing grace?' really amazing. or barbra's 'on holy ground?' just hypnotizing...
  4. r&b - i really like mj blige. i like her raw voice, especially when she's getting it on hehehe... i also like alicia keys' voice and her little more bluesy side of rhythm&blues
  5. rock - robbie williams type rock that is. but i like green day too! and gavin de graw's chariot, i have to admit i like rock a lot hehehe

it seems i'm really eclectic.

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