Saturday, February 11, 2006

grammys and my performance

i watched the grammys last thursday night and some of the things i distinctly remember hahahaha :
  • when u2 won for (i forgot) maybe record of the year), when the group stood up, 'we belong together' by mariah was played, hahaha bono looked suddenly straight faced, hahaha but i guess it was just the technician's nervousness (or maybe he was a mariah fan? hahahaha)
  • kelly clarkson... kelly clarkson could have won a guiness world record for talking soooo fast on her second win to squeeze in everything she wanted to say... hahahaha but you go girl... very good idea... an award's ceremony will be a fast-talk contest from now on
  • christina aguillera's performance -- mediocre... she coudn't reach what she should have been reaching... i was really disappointed... but i guess american audiences are easy to please they gave her and herbie a standing ovation
  • mariah's performance -- she got a standing ovation, nice... acceptable... but you could just see she's not what she used to be, i must say it took all her powers to go through the two songs hehehe, she was really straining and i was already getting ready to hear her flop, but i thank God she did not, i really like her i hope she can recover her powers from the past

anyway, i also performed, well i didn't sing.. but i conducted a seminar and unfortunately i had to share the stage with another student, but anyway, i think i may have unintentionally tricked her into: me doing the better part and her doing the part where many questions will be asked... AGAIN unintentional (hehehehe) i guess me and mama mary are really best friends HAHAHAHA - - it was in general a very straightforward presentation, i hope i got a good grade

zagato-- out!

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