Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Week's Top 5 - XI

why won't anyone post comments?? huhuhu doesn't anything of my favorites remind you of your favorites? hehehe anyway, as long as you come to read, i thank you from the bottom of my limbic system. ^_^ thank you guys, even if you are all mute (hehehe)
  1. the ultimate - from coffee bean & tea leaf. mm-mm-mm. i'll waste good money if the coffee or cold-coffee is this good!
  2. san miguel philharmonic orchestra - i remember i just fell in love with orchestral music when i heard this orchestra play. even the 'spaghetti song' sounded good when they played it. tonight, we're going out to listen to ?? mmm manila philharmonic i think
  3. perry ellis - exquisite smell hehehe love it, thanks dad
  4. green day - i enjoy this one hehehe, very unlike me but hey! im sor'ta eclectic when it comes to music, i own from bach to streisand to robbie williams to enya to whatever hehehe
  5. Never has seen snow - from BS and other musical instruments. it's just impossible this is live hahaha but it is! and i don't think this performance will ever be repeated... ever... even streisand herself in her age now...

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