Wednesday, February 16, 2005

With One More Look At You

I've always loved the melody of this song but I have just listened carefully and felt its lyrics earlier. Barbra sung this song as the finale of the movie A Star Is Born where her husband Kris Kristofferson died. You can just feel the emotion in this song, as you have personally lost someone. She recorded this (as well as other songs in the movie soundtrack live).

With one more look at you
I could learn to tame the clouds and let the sun shine through
Leave a troubled past and I might start anew
I'll solve the mysteries if you're the prize
Refresh these tired eyes
With one more look at you
I might overcome the anger that I've learned to know
Find the peace of mind I've lost so long ago
Your gentle touch has made me strong again
And I belong again
For when you look at me
I'm everything and more than I have dreamed I'd be
My spirit feels a promise I won't be alone
We'll love and live more, love live forever!
With one more look at you
I've learned to change the stars and change our fortunes too
I'll have the constellations paint your portrait too
So all the world might share this wondrous sight
The world could end each night
With one more look at you
With one more look at you
I wan't one more look at you

Cardio Day : Retrospect

Which reminds me of lola, which case we presented in our CP Integ, quite interesting too. Because of her age she had multivalvular disease which involved regurgitation of her Aortic, Mitral, Pulmonary and Tricuspid valves, she presented with syncope with probable TIA. It's cardio day everyday :-)

Cardio Day

I am already becoming convinced by the minute that we are being built up to be cardiologists either by destiny or by our mentors.

Yesterday, we handled two interesting cases, one, a very rare condition termed dextrocardia, when the heart (supposedly positioned in the center with its apex towards the left side of the body) is positioned with its apex towards the right. We are lucky to have encountered this kind of condition and again lucky that the person was a kind and gentle man who allowed us to examine him. God bless him.

We also handled a middle aged woman who had Patent Ductus Arteriosus undergoing Hemodynamic Studies and being considered for surgery sponsored by a UST Foundation. As per yesterday's news, she is lucky that she is considered an ideal candidate for the corrective surgery. ~LZ

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pharma - by the prayers of Mary

At long long last! Maybe some people won't believe it, but... (at last) I passed a Pharma exam! So, it's not true the first time always hurt (hehehe) on the contrary, i enjoyed it very well I even shouted in glory! (when i found out i reached the threshold, that is) Anyway, it's really exhausting swimming against the current of Rio Pharma but I'm still holding on. In retrospect, I remembered last year that I promised myself to study hard in advance so that I won't experience the last minute super-study and super-prayer sessions but I seem to be an expert on last minute bursts of effectiveness.

I remembered the weekend when we were at Cha's house (it was my first time to play billiards), It was shameful I tell you... I can't get one ball in and I was thinking maybe my partner Marose was already getting annoyed by it hehehe BUT! we won! and guess who shot the eight ball in!? ME! the first ball I shot through was (drum roll please) an eight ball! The last ball supposed to be put in, I jumped in joy literally that time. hehehe

I hope I don't do it with Pharma but if it's the only way I'll pass I'll accept it :-) Zagato-OUT!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Life after CP iNtEg

Not all may understand what I'm pertaining to and one person I know may also just laugh and then think of her blunder on understanding this USTFMS jargon as "Clin Path" Integ (hehehehe). well... it has already been a few days since our victory over the forces (of evil?) ...perhaps of intelligence but I still feel the overshadowing melancholy that creeps every person on the brink of a CP Integ. I feel for those who are now faced with this task especially in these times that there's a multitude of blessings (in the form of torture that is) that come our way, there's the Micro Case Presentations, the unavoidable Pharma Seminars which for some unlucky classmates drop like Minola Gay's Package on an exact week with their CP integs. ... time for a breather ... one feels empty really like you have nothing to do when you get over this hurdle, and you crave for tasks WHROA ROMP ROMP devouring all the necessary little duties written in your planner so as not to face another cramming period which you swore will never happen again after cp integ.

oh... you can't imagine how relieved i am to get over this task...