Wednesday, February 16, 2005

With One More Look At You

I've always loved the melody of this song but I have just listened carefully and felt its lyrics earlier. Barbra sung this song as the finale of the movie A Star Is Born where her husband Kris Kristofferson died. You can just feel the emotion in this song, as you have personally lost someone. She recorded this (as well as other songs in the movie soundtrack live).

With one more look at you
I could learn to tame the clouds and let the sun shine through
Leave a troubled past and I might start anew
I'll solve the mysteries if you're the prize
Refresh these tired eyes
With one more look at you
I might overcome the anger that I've learned to know
Find the peace of mind I've lost so long ago
Your gentle touch has made me strong again
And I belong again
For when you look at me
I'm everything and more than I have dreamed I'd be
My spirit feels a promise I won't be alone
We'll love and live more, love live forever!
With one more look at you
I've learned to change the stars and change our fortunes too
I'll have the constellations paint your portrait too
So all the world might share this wondrous sight
The world could end each night
With one more look at you
With one more look at you
I wan't one more look at you

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