Monday, August 29, 2005


Passed First Pharma Shifting, well... hehehe Ginebra San Miguel Advertisement "Bilog ang Mundo." Haha!

Me and Verle went out to celebrate my achievement, Sandy's supposed to go but something came up. Had hours of chat talking 'bout everything, enjoying our neighbors stare and noise, i think everybody at Napoli's that night must've been from UST haha. thanks again verle :-)

on a different note, im really annoyed i must say. read ahead :

"chris, can you make a ticket for a fundraiser our org plans?"

Note : I'm information committee head so this is my job, alright let's continue on

"Alright, send me the details and i'll get to it. No Problem" No problem at all really, i love doing these stuff.

"Oh, the org logo must be there as well as other boxes for sponsors' logo and of course someplace to tear and ticket number."

???? Me Thinking: ok? "Alright, how bout the details? what should i put in the ticket?"

"I'll ask ----, if possible just send me a draft."

pfft. i don't know if you understand what just happened in the conversation but i must say, i'm not God! i don't make something come out of nothing, and i'm proud to say i am a good enough artist that i'll not make something not good enough for me and risk giving it to people to hear them say something shitty about my work (shitty things i don't intend them to think anyway). i can easily invent the details but imagine people looking at the ticket i designed with what? invented information and they say: "what the hell are those written?" and as well i can imagine that by the time they have time to look at my work that's also the time they have decided what to put on the ticket so what they'll notice is how shitty the things i've written there. Hell... and the people requesting these are doctors!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Letting Go

oh my god, streisand raw and unplugged!

streisand and a piano, imagine. i can almost imagine her reading our posts in the streisand yahoo group and thinking "ok, i'll give them that, just me and a piano."

just live and beautiful, voice cracks and all.

i hope she goes on oprah again and sings this live. it'll be just river of tears for oprah and her audience.

"it's so hard..... letting go................................................"

watch the video :

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Merlin 2

woohoo! one of my favorite tv movies, merlin is going to have a sequel ^_^ i know someone reading this is as excited as me haha

i just loved the character of the celtic godess-warrior queen mab in the original merlin. at first you seem to take her as a villain but later on you'll find out that she's fighting for her existence and the existence of her kind, queen mab is the protrectress of the faerie, of the old ways and in the process to protect the old way, she creates merlin to help her, unfortunately, her sister (the lady of the lake also played by richardson) and merlin turns their back at her and she disappears forever. i really like the character the way she's says that with everything around her evil, she can't help but do evil to survive.

unfortunately there will be no queen mab on the second merlin, but miss richardson (who also plays rita skeeter on the new harry potter movie) will still play the lady of the lake and sam neil reprises his role as merlin.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

babs new video

babs has her new video for her new album on amazon video, titled "stranger in a strange land," it's dedicated to the soldiers fighting the war in the middle east.

dr. house m.d.

there's this new series in star called house m.d. it's about a frustrated doctor who was crippled because of a muscle infarction. other doctors were not able to help him, the only symptom was pain. he refuses to see patients and talks to them without tact often offending people who do not know him, but the hospital administration does not want to fire him because of his brillance as a diagnostician.

on the first episode there was this woman who was having violent fits and was diagnosed to have a brain tumor, dr. house doesn't agree, he was sure it wasn't a tumor, he just doesn't know what it was yet...

he had his residents give the patients steroids, modern medicine's wonder drug, treats anything, anytime. he reasoned that it might be vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels, and in this case, in the brain, he said that if it was it she'd be cured if it was really a tumor, she's going to die anyway.

the patient seemed to get better until she had a very violent seizure attack. dr. house up to until this time hasn't seen the patient personally, he was convinced by one of his residents to take this case by lying that she was his cousin. dr. house suddenly had an enlightenment, there could only be one thing that could cause this response to steroids.

the patient had cysticercoid larvae in her brain, but by this time, the patient refuses to be treated and wants to go home and die with dignity. dr. house goes to her finally delivered my favorite line from this episode: "there has never been dignity in dying, there can only be dignity in living."

all it took was good ole albendazole to treat her. this adds something that i should look forward for every week. well aside from hoping the godess, the priestess, and i would be able to go out ^_^ btw, it has been nice talking to you again godess, thank you for the appreciation.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile

i'm extremely enjoying this new game by tilted mill, its the next installment from pharoah and cleopatra from another company, they seem to have transfered the rights and i must say the new company did a really good job. the only trouble with game is that the people are never satisfied, well... that's all real ain't it!? but hey! give me some slack, im playing the game for enjoyment, not to suffer the headaches of a pharoah ^_^

a snapshot :

view ontowards my pyramid(still under construction) an an obelisk built on my honor (hehe)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

if i never saw her --

if i never met you...
if i never saw your face
this world...
this world would be a colder place i bet

haha! but still my GAWD! i saw this angel walking along emerald avenue, i thought wowow this woman really looks like NATALIE PORTMAN! (Read this: i watched "Closer") just strutting along there not minding anyone, wearing a baby blue baby tee, jeans, auburn hair (sigh...) i could just go on hehehe didn't she notice that all the faces just whew! WENT along with her stride, hehehe anyway my jaw didn't drop (i was able to hold it up until i was inside my building). this was... this was really a good day...

reminds me of the time i saw this woman inside the manila cathedral - - oh! just looked like jackie foster wish it was her (maybe it was her(wink), rambled about the woman for like about - - WEEKS! or months, tell me friends. i wish i had a dr. hitch (thanks verle for lending me the video)


The First Hurdle - - Che-ECK!

woohoo! got the first hurdle! yeah! passed prelims woohoo! thank you to jerome for letting me borrow his F.R.I.E.N.D.S. DVD Collection ^_^ thank you!

i was watching tv the other day and found a new show that i like: Discovery's "Rides," nice, i really loved this pick-up truck they customized real nice, i hope i can have sumthin' like that in the future ^_^

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Guilty Pleasure

Ms. Streisand's 61'st album is to be released on September 20th. She pairs once again with Mr. Barry Gibb of Bee Gees fame for this album. Their first partnership, Guilty, is Ms. Streisand's highest selling album launching into No.1 on its first day of release. I hope this album achieves even half of the previous' success ^_^

Next week... exam week, I hope I do well, I hope I do very well ^_^