Sunday, August 21, 2005

Merlin 2

woohoo! one of my favorite tv movies, merlin is going to have a sequel ^_^ i know someone reading this is as excited as me haha

i just loved the character of the celtic godess-warrior queen mab in the original merlin. at first you seem to take her as a villain but later on you'll find out that she's fighting for her existence and the existence of her kind, queen mab is the protrectress of the faerie, of the old ways and in the process to protect the old way, she creates merlin to help her, unfortunately, her sister (the lady of the lake also played by richardson) and merlin turns their back at her and she disappears forever. i really like the character the way she's says that with everything around her evil, she can't help but do evil to survive.

unfortunately there will be no queen mab on the second merlin, but miss richardson (who also plays rita skeeter on the new harry potter movie) will still play the lady of the lake and sam neil reprises his role as merlin.

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Robert said...

But what is Merlin without Mab? :( Hehehe!

I think I'm that other person who also likes Merlin, aren't I? :D

Can't wait for this one though and hope they have a villain as formidable as Mab.