Thursday, August 18, 2005

dr. house m.d.

there's this new series in star called house m.d. it's about a frustrated doctor who was crippled because of a muscle infarction. other doctors were not able to help him, the only symptom was pain. he refuses to see patients and talks to them without tact often offending people who do not know him, but the hospital administration does not want to fire him because of his brillance as a diagnostician.

on the first episode there was this woman who was having violent fits and was diagnosed to have a brain tumor, dr. house doesn't agree, he was sure it wasn't a tumor, he just doesn't know what it was yet...

he had his residents give the patients steroids, modern medicine's wonder drug, treats anything, anytime. he reasoned that it might be vasculitis, an inflammation of the blood vessels, and in this case, in the brain, he said that if it was it she'd be cured if it was really a tumor, she's going to die anyway.

the patient seemed to get better until she had a very violent seizure attack. dr. house up to until this time hasn't seen the patient personally, he was convinced by one of his residents to take this case by lying that she was his cousin. dr. house suddenly had an enlightenment, there could only be one thing that could cause this response to steroids.

the patient had cysticercoid larvae in her brain, but by this time, the patient refuses to be treated and wants to go home and die with dignity. dr. house goes to her finally delivered my favorite line from this episode: "there has never been dignity in dying, there can only be dignity in living."

all it took was good ole albendazole to treat her. this adds something that i should look forward for every week. well aside from hoping the godess, the priestess, and i would be able to go out ^_^ btw, it has been nice talking to you again godess, thank you for the appreciation.



Robert said...

Remember I told you about this show? I haven't watched all the episodes in the First Season but I really liked those that I've seen so far.

Lord Zagato said...

forgot about that ^_^ it's good anyway we have similar inclinations hehe (or bad?) see you soon (sana nga hehe)