Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jesus is a Light Bulb

Earlier, I think Jesus was talking again. "You can be like this, maybe even better." I've been imagining being myself as someone who would do exactly such a thing - using props. Explaining today's gospel, the father friar explained Jesus' transfiguration simply yet rather magnificently... Jesus is a lightbulb. When someone who doesn't know what a lightbulb sees it, what will they see? Something round, rather elegant... fragile, but what did it do? Is it something special?

Plug it in and you see a miracle... there is something about it... there's something special about the round thing... only you don't see it all the time. Jesus said I am the light of the world and the darkness will not overcome me... but when His physical self went up to heaven did the light go out? No, said the good priest, no... we are the light of the world now (showing a row of christmas lights) we are the small lights that Jesus left to be the light of the world and for each other (then plugging the christmas light to the big light bulb)... but in order to be something special and glow we must be plugged into the big light... Jesus. SIMPLE. MAGNIFICIENT. AWESOME.

It is really different hearing mass from an O.P.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thank You

I passed on my first try. I am deeply contented and thankful. It is only through God's hand that I made it. I know so. No question. Not even half of the people who took the Physician Licensure Exam passed. Why? There are serious issues to that exam, really...
  1. Questions are sometimes vague, sometimes you seem to have a feeling that an "except" at the end of the sentence is missing.
  2. Questions that cannot be understood at all. They should hire typists that have a health background. I think the board of medicine write down their questions on paper and typists encode them because I see all the mistakes non-medical will have when reading material by medical people. You will just shake your head when you see... SIMBASTATIN - I really doubt a doctor will mistype/misspell that LOL
  3. The questions do not represent the intended objective of the exam - i.e. to test what a general practitioner should know. A micro exam which solely focuses on STD. A patho exam laser pointed to immunology and nephrology. It's biased.
As an individual acquainted partly to education (I'm almost certified to teach HSBiology in the U.S.) I can say that the greatest contribution/sacrifice the board of medicine can do for medicine is to learn/retrain on how to make correct, meaningful, objective-based, and that can be evaluated.

Sigh... Thank you Mama Mary. You are the greatest. Venerable PJPII, St. Rita, St. Jude, St. Thomas, Father Dominic thank you for your intercessions. Br. Jon, SJ thank you for your special prayers!

The morning of thursday (the PRC announcement came thursday evening), I was in Piat praying to Mama Mary to help me and my friends, the gospel was... "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened..." I immediately knew Mama Mary interceded for us. She was just talking to me as direct as She can. I'm just amazed at the unsubtle signs she has given me. My specific prayer prior to the exam for Jesus to please send His Holy Spirit - I was surprised when our testing site (College of the Holy Spirit) was announced, I didn't even knew our country had such a school LOL... a person's request on youtube for me to record a song I didn't even know but when I read the lyrics I knew it was Jesus talking to me... right after the test... Huwag Kang Mangamba... everything moved by His divine hand. Amazing. I am Yours my Mother and Brother Jesus. I am your soldier. And I will stand on the ramparts proclaiming your amazing blessings on your poor poor servant.

This is for my Mom and Dad who has sacrificed so much to bring me to where I am.

Monday, February 22, 2010

It is finished.

One of my favorite lines in the new testament. These words by Jesus signify the completion of our salvation by His sacrifice. And how appropriate after taking the Physicial Licensure Exam that our Lord's next line (as modified to apply) is : Father, into your hands we commend our spirits!