Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jesus is a Light Bulb

Earlier, I think Jesus was talking again. "You can be like this, maybe even better." I've been imagining being myself as someone who would do exactly such a thing - using props. Explaining today's gospel, the father friar explained Jesus' transfiguration simply yet rather magnificently... Jesus is a lightbulb. When someone who doesn't know what a lightbulb sees it, what will they see? Something round, rather elegant... fragile, but what did it do? Is it something special?

Plug it in and you see a miracle... there is something about it... there's something special about the round thing... only you don't see it all the time. Jesus said I am the light of the world and the darkness will not overcome me... but when His physical self went up to heaven did the light go out? No, said the good priest, no... we are the light of the world now (showing a row of christmas lights) we are the small lights that Jesus left to be the light of the world and for each other (then plugging the christmas light to the big light bulb)... but in order to be something special and glow we must be plugged into the big light... Jesus. SIMPLE. MAGNIFICIENT. AWESOME.

It is really different hearing mass from an O.P.

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