Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Prude and Uptight

I am continually castigating myself thinking I am too prude and uptight. Prude - a person who is or tries to be excessively proper, especially one who is easily offended by matters of a sexual nature; Uptight - Excessively concerned with rules and order. Hahaha... well I am not easily offended by matters of sexual nature thats for sure. But is something wrong with me if I get annoyed of people throwing their trash out of the jeep?! I cannot reconcile the fact that people do that or tolerate their companions or children doing it. You don't need a college education to know that throwing trash out of the PUV when the trashbin is right there in front of you is wrong right?

Just yesterday, filing my application for my physician license number I saw my undergraduate batchmate who shall remain unnamed blatantly cut the line feigning looking innocent when there we were more than 40 people who have waited for more than an hour were right there. I could have just sat in a cold office offered drinks by my mom's friend from PRC while I cut the red tape and used influence but I chose not to when thousands of people endure heat and the long queue to get something from the PRC.

It's a pity really... we all look for a change for the better when we ourselves cannot apply simple civility and culture to ourselves. I guess I won't be ashamed being prude and uptight as long as I know I harm no one and even contribute a little change for the better. God bless you batchmate.


Rob said...

I am both! lol

Lord Zagato said...

Kudos to us Prudes and Uptight Individuals XD "She" should thank God I am trying to be a patient and good man or else I would've put her sorry ass where it should've been. There you made me say ass LOL