Friday, September 03, 2004

looking back at the pictures i have posted here in my blogpage, i noticed something... i have always posted pictures of people (people, people who need people... (what is it with me and songs lateley? hehehehe) ...are the luckiest people in the world...) people keep us going, people give us hope (or take them sometimes for that matter) but it is all about people and loving them isnt it? ... im not here in this picture even if the 6th person in this picture only is a heart he may be a whole person (kaya lang super hyperthropied nga lang hehehe laki ng puso no!?) these are my classmates... this may be something like what MAY happen in the future ... just them... no me... so MAGSIPAG KA PA LORD ZAGATO! put up a good fight! Posted by Hello

oh tell me.... where is it written what it is im meant to be?... (a line from "a piece of sky"). i just finished reading a little book "tuesdays with morrie," this really gave me hope on life... i mean what is failure really?? failure is giving up so im not giving up even if i know ill lose in the end, at least i died with dignity... to marge my little princess and to tina godess of all virginities (hehehehe, kaya ko pang magjoke) thanks for everything up to now... sana makakita ako ng magtiyatiyaga sa akin katulad ng ginawa niyo hehehe Posted by Hello

a lot has happened since i posted something here, for one, prelims has already passed by, and for another i felt i have accepted the death i am to face in the not so distant future.... i am pictured here during our cat exploratory laparotomy. the cat was not supposed to die or else our grade will get asphxiated with the cat's nine lives :-) i notice i manage a meager smile Posted by Hello