Friday, September 03, 2004

looking back at the pictures i have posted here in my blogpage, i noticed something... i have always posted pictures of people (people, people who need people... (what is it with me and songs lateley? hehehehe) ...are the luckiest people in the world...) people keep us going, people give us hope (or take them sometimes for that matter) but it is all about people and loving them isnt it? ... im not here in this picture even if the 6th person in this picture only is a heart he may be a whole person (kaya lang super hyperthropied nga lang hehehe laki ng puso no!?) these are my classmates... this may be something like what MAY happen in the future ... just them... no me... so MAGSIPAG KA PA LORD ZAGATO! put up a good fight! Posted by Hello

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