Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Great Day - - what i need

A Great Day
From Funny Lady

When you're down and out
Lift up your head and shout
There's gonna be a great day
Angels in the sky
Promise that by and by
There's gonna be a great day/
We're gonna see a great day
Gabriel will warn you
Some early morn
You will hear his horn
It's not far away
Lift up your head and say
There's gonna be a great day
Great day

When the skies went darker, oh Lord!
Came Noah’s Ark, oh Lord!
Amen and Amen!
Amen and Amen!

He came in January, February,
March, April, May, June
July, and August,
September October, November,
De De December
'Twas was a great day
It was a great day
One of those great days
And on Judgment Day
If you believe
he will receive you and me
Gabriel will warn you
Some early morn you
You will his horn, hear his horn

It's not far away
Lift up your head and say
There's gonna be a great
We're gonna see a great
There's gonna be!!!! Be a great day!!!!
i really need this... i hope all medstudents get a great day from time to time. ~lz

mi herida fresca

(grades just released) pedia! you didn't pass me! my first shifting grade is 73 sumthin huhuhu even if it's remediable... i really resent it, i know i could do more if only certain things were easier for me. well... whatever... i'll probably just pick up garbage if i fail. ... off to read ophtha, another bothersome subject. sigh...


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

early morning post

it's 7:30 am i just had to take a break. im really down after my coffee spilled in the car :-( yeah shallow. too shallow, but it's just sort of a breaking point, i know tina babe will understand when i say it's a pansit-spilling, calamansi-rolling kinda-thing hehehehe. everything just accumulates. AND! backaches are back. now count how many posts back that's it's just complains about life. i am beginning to feel unhappy about what i'm doing. i hate to think that some people gets to have everything placed on their laps and just have to study... if only i were given that chance sigh... (ophtha... ophtha... psych... psych...)

hay... hmmm... allright im ok now. im ok now. btw, yesterday we finally had the chance to go out during community pediatrics. we went to our community near loreto church and saw our very cute (but very dirty too) kids. well of course between me and my partner (verle) she virtually did all the asking except for some useless comments from me of course. i laughed at myself when i asked ron, my classmate from the US if he needed any help and he answered that his partner did the talking (language barrier thingy), i answered, "well im no different" hehehe thanks BERLY!

(reminder to self) i'll post about our big group discussion on the weekend ^_^


Thursday, August 24, 2006

my quizzted mind

what do you think of five quizzes all in rapid succession? well, three and two more accurately. oh! and one was a shifting exam actually 75 items neurosurgery in under 60 minutes... and that's hmmm... about never mind how many pages... and i have to drive home (need brainpower) wake 3:30 am and leave by 4:30 to be able to PARK... drive to school (less brainpower but nevertheless). well.. im not even reading this again to check if this is even coherent., i just got 3 hours of free time (imagine how happy i am) and i just want to debulk my load before i lose it.

seriously, if only i can live here in the medbuilding i would. in fairness, im passing, well hell im even getting good grades (btw, i got an 83/84 in derma-final grade-it's a quarterly subject) yeah, but i think lately things are getting more difficult and i want to continue PASSING. i don't want to relive my past. i'll probably just give up if that happens again. im DONE.

if anyone out there can HELP ME. please. it seems no one wants understands the troubles of the med students except us.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

back to the picture

New pictures from our highschool get together last May 22.
Formula Bar, Tomas Morato
No more people. We literally closed the bar.

Pier One, The Fort
There were still a lot of us

One more picture from Formula Bar early on the evening

More pictures here >>

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

poop, wala na! hehehehe

well, the title is an inside joke so i guess, let the people who get it, get it, right!? but anyway, this has been a week of (ehem) explosive happenings hehehe. a funny thing to realize that the one time we eat in the "up-scale" part of the eatery that shall-not-be-named is the time one irregreg goes on full blast on both ends, one on one end, and three with vague abdominal discomfort hehehe. an epidemic? we don't know, but it was fortunately a relatively "benign" week. rest up guys, i'll see you in school next week. i hope that goes poop, wala na! already


when is small, SMALL!?

i though i knew how small was small. apparently, i haven't experienced enough of the world yet. yesterday, my mom and i got shown what is the biggest architectural blunder in my book (so far). i'm looking for an apartment near my school because i've been missing out on studying/sleeping time just to arrive by 0445-0500H in school just to be able to park. imagine this.. in the supposed """apartment""" there's room for one bed... literally. i cannot even outstretch my arms! i think the width of the space could have been only a square meter or less, almost like a sarcophagus really... and the most stupid thing is that i think the space for the bathroom was bigger than the supposedly apartment space!!! and the walls were not even flushed right and parallel, OMG i tell you i'll die before i'll move there... i'd rather endure my back pains, lack of sleep, and i do hope my grades won't suffer because i can't study and sleep enough... sigh... i don't know... i think i'm beyond complaining, i don't care anymore if my mom thinks of my comfort or sanity for that matter, i'll just make do with what i have and just let what the result of this be what it will be.


Thursday, August 17, 2006


well... almost... nyehehehe... my ka-tribo's and me had a deal that whoever hits the jackpot at each of our subjects prelims will have to treat the group. the ever reliable obstetrics and gynecology department was the first to release the results of the prelims and i got the highest raw score in my subsection 96/120 (i know it's not perfect but it's already something to be proud of for us hahaha) it's roughly 86% transmutted to our B65 system. anywhooo... lucky me sandy aka. zander got.... drum roll please... 100/120 yeehee galing-galing ni zander ^_^ i'm preparing my tummy for the libre ha!

i'm so glad prelims' over, one of the more stressful weeks for a medstudent is really exam week. i missed going to the highschool classmate's celebration for getting the top spot in the architect boards (congrats architect bassig!) well... what can i do... studies come first... i the hell don't want to go through the entire ordeal of repeating a year feeling guilty of not studying for one night... thinking i could have made one more little effort... sigh... i admire all of us who don't miss a beat. most people think we can always make time. how i wish i could... really... some people go sleepless most nights of the week to get drunk, i don't. i try to accept my 3 hours of sleep just so i can park for free and at the same time trying to remember that the pH of the vagina in bacterial vaginosis is <4.5 compared to vulvovaginal candidiasis which can be normal and worry that my facilitator may make me stand the whole period reciting everything from the book ("don't open your books and notebooks please..."). im one big frustrated guy...

i wish my mom will find me a nice apartment, very near the hospital... i just wish... a small thing that will add an hour or so of sleep is most welcome... a very much welcome idea...

pedia.... please pass me... hehehe...


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Streisand Gives $1 Million to Clinton Charity

August 10, 2006 — By Reuters

LOS ANGELES — When Barbra Streisand sings, the cash register rings at Bill Clinton's favorite charity.

With a gift of $1 million, Streisand has selected the former president's Climate Change Initiative as the first recipient to benefit from the millions she has pledged to charitable causes generated by her upcoming national concert tour.

The gift helped make Streisand the leading contributor to Clinton's effort to bring together a consortium of major cities around the world to drive down greenhouse gas emissions.

Streisand recently announced that she would undertake a concert tour in October and November to help raise money for organizations dealing with environmental, women's health and educational issues.

A spokesman for Streisand said she has been funding efforts to deal with global climate change since the late 1980s.

source :

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The First Blow...

...landed on me quite hard. well, i could say gynecology's dificulty is quite acceptable. this last day of the first week of the two-week-long-prelims was harder to swallow. pediatrics ii and ophthalmology on the same day. we studied up to 2200H doing the usual firing-back-and-forth-of questions. i thank steff for having i think up to 70% of what i answered coming from her hahaha. ophtha was really hard, mostly because i don't even know the terminologies yet. i just hope i can make up for it with the remaining time... sigh...

here i go again...


Monday, August 07, 2006

Sunday, August 06, 2006

reformat... again...

well not yet.. after the prelims, i think. my laptop's been infected again and this time it's worse. online scanning won't work, this virus/worm/trojan (i don't know yet) seems to be able to inhibit online scanning programs to launch.

my laptop (and desktop pfft) and steff's were infected a few weeks ago from a classmate's usb. as if that didn't teach me enough! this week i was so lethargic i let people stick their phallic usbs in my laptop's c*nt (ehem sorry im really annoyed) and the amazing thing is that i was able to detect the virus and clean the usb. and yet! i still got infected! well... i'm deferring my reformating after the prelims and i'm never going to let any usb touch my laptop lest everybody hates me i won't care. hehehe... (as if... for everybody who knows me, i know you know i can't can't hahaha!)

to steff who shares my woes... don't worry ^_^ what goes around...

to my ka-tribos, im proud to be from our tribe - - KAY SUSAN TAYO! (hehehe) (ehem for non-tribe-members, don't think for one moment this is susan roces puleeze... HAHAHAHA)


Friday, August 04, 2006

let's hear it for us!

a2 2007 reunited, and don't think all i do is pose for photos... well... yes on all available times ^_^