Saturday, August 19, 2006

when is small, SMALL!?

i though i knew how small was small. apparently, i haven't experienced enough of the world yet. yesterday, my mom and i got shown what is the biggest architectural blunder in my book (so far). i'm looking for an apartment near my school because i've been missing out on studying/sleeping time just to arrive by 0445-0500H in school just to be able to park. imagine this.. in the supposed """apartment""" there's room for one bed... literally. i cannot even outstretch my arms! i think the width of the space could have been only a square meter or less, almost like a sarcophagus really... and the most stupid thing is that i think the space for the bathroom was bigger than the supposedly apartment space!!! and the walls were not even flushed right and parallel, OMG i tell you i'll die before i'll move there... i'd rather endure my back pains, lack of sleep, and i do hope my grades won't suffer because i can't study and sleep enough... sigh... i don't know... i think i'm beyond complaining, i don't care anymore if my mom thinks of my comfort or sanity for that matter, i'll just make do with what i have and just let what the result of this be what it will be.


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