Sunday, August 06, 2006

reformat... again...

well not yet.. after the prelims, i think. my laptop's been infected again and this time it's worse. online scanning won't work, this virus/worm/trojan (i don't know yet) seems to be able to inhibit online scanning programs to launch.

my laptop (and desktop pfft) and steff's were infected a few weeks ago from a classmate's usb. as if that didn't teach me enough! this week i was so lethargic i let people stick their phallic usbs in my laptop's c*nt (ehem sorry im really annoyed) and the amazing thing is that i was able to detect the virus and clean the usb. and yet! i still got infected! well... i'm deferring my reformating after the prelims and i'm never going to let any usb touch my laptop lest everybody hates me i won't care. hehehe... (as if... for everybody who knows me, i know you know i can't can't hahaha!)

to steff who shares my woes... don't worry ^_^ what goes around...

to my ka-tribos, im proud to be from our tribe - - KAY SUSAN TAYO! (hehehe) (ehem for non-tribe-members, don't think for one moment this is susan roces puleeze... HAHAHAHA)


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