Thursday, August 24, 2006

my quizzted mind

what do you think of five quizzes all in rapid succession? well, three and two more accurately. oh! and one was a shifting exam actually 75 items neurosurgery in under 60 minutes... and that's hmmm... about never mind how many pages... and i have to drive home (need brainpower) wake 3:30 am and leave by 4:30 to be able to PARK... drive to school (less brainpower but nevertheless). well.. im not even reading this again to check if this is even coherent., i just got 3 hours of free time (imagine how happy i am) and i just want to debulk my load before i lose it.

seriously, if only i can live here in the medbuilding i would. in fairness, im passing, well hell im even getting good grades (btw, i got an 83/84 in derma-final grade-it's a quarterly subject) yeah, but i think lately things are getting more difficult and i want to continue PASSING. i don't want to relive my past. i'll probably just give up if that happens again. im DONE.

if anyone out there can HELP ME. please. it seems no one wants understands the troubles of the med students except us.



sugarandsunshine said...

some comments:
1. this post is not coherent (pero naintindihan ko naman hehe) :D cguro smart minds think alike bwahahaha
2. oo nga pahirap na ng pahirap... pero kaya natin to (effective pa kaya ang samplex based learning? bwahahaha :D)
3. alam mo kung pwede lang tumira sa med building malamang ako din dun na tumira... kaso nga lang the thought na the whole day puro med lang ang nakikita mo... waaahhhh... on second thought ayoko na ata bwahahaha :D
4. extra lang... depressed pa din ako... di effective ang triple chocolate madness ice cream...

Lord Zagato said...

thanks steff ^_^ you recieve a special gift for commenting hehehe claim your prize at the nearest redemption center hehehehe

"the patient is a known sle patient" - -nyoknyoknyoknyok i should have seen that ^_^ buti na lang 75 lang pala tayo di 65