Sunday, January 29, 2006

the saturday tradition - eh!?

i missed it hahaha well but i did a midweek favorite roll so i think i'm forgiven ^_^ thank you to all who visit me, i continue to annoy you with this favorites thingy particulary because one person said he likes reading it... ¡gracias! ^_^
  1. mom's ref cake - hated the fruits but loved the cream and the graham hahaha
  2. lola - my first spanish teacher, i can't understand her, she prefers not to speak english to force us to understand hahahaha but i'm loving every minute of spanish class
  3. bacon mushroom melt - mm just heaven
  4. with one more look at you/watch closely now - i'm raising this into my ultimate favorites list, i've posted the lyrics of this song in the past, this is just so emotional and sensual at the same time
  5. my curly locks - im learning to appreciate it, and i've decided i won't have my hair relaxed anymore hahahaha and who said wavy/curly hair isn't beautiful!? we rock tina babe!

i ran into my classmate in sm manila last friday, she's already married, she was with her husband and said they already had a kid. wonderful! ^_^ but makes me feel i'm really becoming a geezer hahahaha

as if it was a day for running into people i know from the past, i ran with my former school bus driver's wife and daughter. it was wonderful seeing them, and, they paid for my fx fare hahaha thank you ^_^ they were really surprised when i showed them potsy's picture all grown up. time really passes by quickly.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy 500th !!!

happy 500th birthday to the swiss guards!!! they celebreated their 500th year of service to the pope last jan 22. i deeply respect their loyalty to our holy father and i applaud their sacrifice ^_^

News on >> CBS Link

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Welcome Pinoy's Big Brother

we're often called little brown monkeys... it seems all of us especially those pesky bigots will become monkeys in a short time hahahaha!

evidence has been gathered that chimps (genus:Pan) actually have more genetic similarity to us than was previously thought. in the recent study it's 99.4 percent. and scientists are already planning to transfer the chimps into the Homo genus. hehehe. it's been hypothesized that the chimps and us have so recently diverged from a common ancestor that we should be under the same genus.

some are saying that we're too proud, why don't we transfer ourselves to genus Pan instead hahaha what do you think?

i read about this in the regents living environment blog.
From Nat-Geo
From Guardian UK

Thank You!

thank you to all people who read this blog!!! i love y'all!!! we just passed 2000!!! and.... it wasn't me hahahahaha that makes me really happy... i just gotta say i suddenly had a midweek "my favorites" moment

  1. american idol - again! terribly funny especially the bad singers, i thought i saw some pinoys
  2. bistek - mmm espcially with kalamansi and patis
  3. yahoo messenger - keeps with connected with robert, i love ym's emoticons hahaha
  4. tony bennett unplugged - got the dvd, wonderful just pure pleasure
  5. flixotide - i renewed my covenant with flixotide hahaha and i haven't sneezed for a month or two, it's just heaven

and hell just for the fun of it, i borrow from missfilipina's blog, with a little tinkering of course: 7 things...

7 things i plan to do before i die

  1. meet the pope
  2. publish at least 1 book
  3. bungee jump
  4. speak at least 5 languages
  5. travel the world
  6. photograph all the great churches
  7. amass at least 10,000 books

7 things i can do

  1. touch my toes - surprised?
  2. cook
  3. catch rats - hehehe
  4. compose music
  5. predict rain
  6. make lampposts flicker or die or turn on!
  7. write perfectly straight even without guides

and more to come.... hahahaha if you're not bored yet ^_^


Sunday, January 22, 2006

congratulations manny!!!

i just finished watching the match, this is my tribute to manny, congratulations manny, congratulations mga kababayan ko. i hope manny serve as the link that will unite all the filipinos ^_^ mabuhay ang pilipinas!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

the saturday tradition

robert reminded me i had to write my favorites hehehe :

  1. sinigang sa miso - mmm the foreigners will only have to look at our food tounderstand why we are a happy people... just exquisite
  2. tengo que decirte algo - from gloria estefan's alma caribeña album, duet with jose feliciano, beautiful
  3. sing/make your own kind of music - from bs and other musical instruments, imagine i was singing this while running on the treadmill hahaha quite funny, but i like the songs' message; this is one great attribute i love with ms. streisand, the way she chooses her songs and/or how she combines them
  4. monay from a certain bakery - i don't know where my mom gets it, it's equally good with the one in intramuros i previously considered "very good monay" hahahaha
  5. american idol 5? - im not sure if it's season 5, but i'm really having fun with the worthless people who are auditioning, the nerve of these people really hahaha


Wednesday, January 18, 2006


i was researching on geriatric pharmacology and i came across this interesting article

Extension of Life-Span by Introduction of Telomerase into Normal Human Cells

by : Andrea G. Bodnar, * Michel Ouellette, * Maria Frolkis, Shawn E. Holt, Choy-Pik Chiu, Gregg B. Morin, Calvin B. Harley, Jerry W. Shay, Serge Lichtsteiner, Woodring E. Wright

link >>


congratulations to mr. hugh laurie for winning the golden globes for his role in HOUSE, M.D.


i think no one wants to make a comment, fine! you lurk, i'll never know who reads my blog huhuhuhu

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

International Delurking Week

^_^ apparently, last week was international de-lurking week. soooooooooo..... you people out there! i know you're there. please make a comment ^_^ following ms. frizzle's excellent blog... you can choose the topic:

1. do you have a question for me? about anything?
2. if you can remember... what is your favorite post from this blog?
3. what is your favorite food? (takaw ko talaga)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Boring Week

i guess this is the week i find it most difficult to post... because nothing happened pfft + yes, last saturday i went to tina's to celebrate her 24th <--i just had to post that didn't i hahahaha + yes, i spent relatively the whole week preparing the group's presentation for pharmacology + mmm, but nothing went on really that i guess i'd have fun to talk about + i spent it reading.... reading... reading... + i have fun reading yes but i still remember, nothing beats tina's pansit-kalamansi-rolling story for blog-worthiness story award + anyway mmm...

the favorite thing thingy hahahaha i think i'll skip this when it's a down-week, but yes i still love a lot of things ^_^

  1. rain - i love the rain, i love driving in the rain with dramatic music on, and i don't feel sad! i feel light and inspired<---- yep im a freak
  2. pares - by my mom... just "superrrrrbb" (i know someone's laughing)
  3. marge - congratulations i hope you'll get all the happiness you deserve, this really is our year isn't it?
  4. tina - ^_^ we gotta go out hehehe
  5. the shoes potsy passed on to me <--- great! i love this sneakers that potsy gave me and i've been wearing them to all places i go + and even though he's still on my and mom's noty list tsk tsk tsk, i'm still grateful for the shoes, but potsy if you're reading this, you gotta grow-up a little, you gotta learn to respect your elders... (and i'm serious)


Monday, January 09, 2006

The Lost Favorites

i forgot my saturday ritual ^_^ may i present... last week's favorite things :

1. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown - reread for the mmm nth time
2. EWTN - i always check when Pope Benedict's going to be on
3. Sopas - mmm gusto ko malapot
4. "Sciente tells me God must exist. My mind tells me I will never understand God. My heart tells me I'm not meant to." - - Vitorria Vetra
5. Gulaman from PLM - mmm tamis! naalala ko lang ^_^

btw, i was reading a book about obesity. and new studies reveal that exercise during the initial phase of weight loss diet-exercise program is negatively correlated with the actual weight lost. what helps loose the weight is the negative calorie balance you incur everyday. this means that exercise only contributes as much as 15% of the lost weight. eating lesser calories than your daily requirement is what makes you loose weight. HOWEVER, exercise's role is to maintain your weight. so without exercise, the lost weight will be slowly gained back.


Friday, January 06, 2006

From the Barbra Bulletin ^_^

The Ultimate DVD Box From the Ultimate Entertainer Goes 5 Times Platinum in Just Over One Month! ...

BURBANK, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 01/04/2006 -- The five Barbra Streisand early career TV specials, which confirmed for critics and the public alike that she would be the music world's most legendary female entertainer for decades to come, have just gone five times platinum -- in just over one month after their release prior to Thanksgiving.

(it's a nice feeling i contributed to making it 5X platinum^_^)

Streisand & Brolin Inspire Songwriter ...

Songwriter Diane Warren told the press that the theme song to the movie "Armageddon" ("I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"), which was a hit for the group Aerosmith was inspired by Barbra Streisand! Ms. Warren said: "I saw some of the scenes, especially in the end where Bruce Willis' character dies. It was very touching. So I wrote 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.' I'd had the idea because I heard something that James Brolin said about Barbara Streisand, that he didn't want to go to sleep because he'd miss her. I kept that idea in my mind."

(great! i love this song... can you believe it!?)

brought to you by the barbra bulletin gods and godesses :
lynne pounder, all about barbra magazine
mark iskowitz, the barbra streisand music guide
matt howe,
paul katz

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tell me...

why do i hate going out of the house if it wasn’t absolutely necessary!?

episode one : the witch

i was going to have some pretty important documents copied so i went out to muñoz only to discover copytrade (a copy company i trusted) was closed. so i reluctantly entered this copy store which obviously is trying to imitate copytrade. i thought i should have probably got the vibes on what kind of store it was when i saw the copy ladies chatting and not doing anything productive, but i really needed those documents so… after she copied my docs i paid her a php 50.00 bill and she looked at me with these weird eyes and said that i should go out and have the money broken down. now, i’m a very kind and loving person (hahahaha), but i guess it was her tone and her manner that really ticked me off… there was this girl who i guess doesn’t even qualify to carry a conversation with me dismissing me like a piece of horsedung sticking on her sole.

well… i had the money broken… got it over with… then i dealt with the slimmy witch… (or perhaps another word that rhymes with that)

episode two : during a seminar

why is it called “an opinion!?” maybe because it is! it is our own perception of things. and think about it, don’t most things exist on a continuum, no absolutes, mostly relatives (not talking about god of course). even with a long list of criteria, you cannot define things absolutely without exception. beauty, for example is definitely relative, what is beautiful to certain tribes africa is not beautiful to europeans. so why are some people very insistent on sticking to an orthodox definition, when it is obvious that change is the driving force of the universe?

i’ll not make a big deal out of it… ^_^ i believe that one very important attribute to have is that of objectiveness… open-mindedness, being accepting. and i always try to be that… but i will also stick to my principles…

a synthesis...

i had two recent opportunities (that i remember) that made me reflect the limits of my objectivity… hehehe… well… i must say i got over it… i am surprised how more objective and open-minded i find myself than i thought i was… it’s a good thing though… (i hope) (just get it on baby! kind’a attitude) hahaha

to marge, who’s starting a new chapter… i said it a million times, i trust you all the way…
to tina, who’s on a bit of crisis… hang on… and this is just 24 what about when we’re older, so save more of that frown for later hehehe (when we can afford botox)
to robert, who’s going to start school, woohoo! kick all their asses! show them who’s their daddy (hahahaha) – why am i writing like this???

happy new year everyone!

(a note: these stories occurred a few weeks ago, i did not want to ruin the happiness of the holidays ^_^)
I was reading and saw a few lines that there are studies that indicate that there is considerable neuropsychological evidence for the separation of linguistic memory from spatial, facial, bodily or musical memory (gardner, 1975). Also, the same is true with critical thinking. So while we usually consider we have a rather good memory, it may be possible that we are talking only about one domain. I find this important because I consider myself bad in memorizing words, names and other things but I’m really good with roads, places and have a keen eye for images. The implications are rather great… we cannot just focus on one domain. Training our memory to solve or for that matter evaluating critically a mathematical problem will take a very much different approach on doing the same for a piece of music. So while we envy people with so much talent on memorizing lists… we should appreciate and develop our own potential (maybe remembering a long list of how each pastry smells hmmm…)

Monday, January 02, 2006

Our Post-Christmas Christmas Party ^_^

tina, marge, and i ate out and had coffee. good thing marge has a new phone ^_^

more pictures at >>

Captures Over Christmas

pictures from christmas : top - potsy and i watched kingkong in glorietta 4 and ate jap, bottom chris, mommy and ian noche buena night ^_^