Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I was reading and saw a few lines that there are studies that indicate that there is considerable neuropsychological evidence for the separation of linguistic memory from spatial, facial, bodily or musical memory (gardner, 1975). Also, the same is true with critical thinking. So while we usually consider we have a rather good memory, it may be possible that we are talking only about one domain. I find this important because I consider myself bad in memorizing words, names and other things but I’m really good with roads, places and have a keen eye for images. The implications are rather great… we cannot just focus on one domain. Training our memory to solve or for that matter evaluating critically a mathematical problem will take a very much different approach on doing the same for a piece of music. So while we envy people with so much talent on memorizing lists… we should appreciate and develop our own potential (maybe remembering a long list of how each pastry smells hmmm…)

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