Saturday, January 21, 2006

the saturday tradition

robert reminded me i had to write my favorites hehehe :

  1. sinigang sa miso - mmm the foreigners will only have to look at our food tounderstand why we are a happy people... just exquisite
  2. tengo que decirte algo - from gloria estefan's alma caribeƱa album, duet with jose feliciano, beautiful
  3. sing/make your own kind of music - from bs and other musical instruments, imagine i was singing this while running on the treadmill hahaha quite funny, but i like the songs' message; this is one great attribute i love with ms. streisand, the way she chooses her songs and/or how she combines them
  4. monay from a certain bakery - i don't know where my mom gets it, it's equally good with the one in intramuros i previously considered "very good monay" hahahaha
  5. american idol 5? - im not sure if it's season 5, but i'm really having fun with the worthless people who are auditioning, the nerve of these people really hahaha


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