Monday, January 09, 2006

The Lost Favorites

i forgot my saturday ritual ^_^ may i present... last week's favorite things :

1. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown - reread for the mmm nth time
2. EWTN - i always check when Pope Benedict's going to be on
3. Sopas - mmm gusto ko malapot
4. "Sciente tells me God must exist. My mind tells me I will never understand God. My heart tells me I'm not meant to." - - Vitorria Vetra
5. Gulaman from PLM - mmm tamis! naalala ko lang ^_^

btw, i was reading a book about obesity. and new studies reveal that exercise during the initial phase of weight loss diet-exercise program is negatively correlated with the actual weight lost. what helps loose the weight is the negative calorie balance you incur everyday. this means that exercise only contributes as much as 15% of the lost weight. eating lesser calories than your daily requirement is what makes you loose weight. HOWEVER, exercise's role is to maintain your weight. so without exercise, the lost weight will be slowly gained back.


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