Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thank You!

thank you to all people who read this blog!!! i love y'all!!! we just passed 2000!!! and.... it wasn't me hahahahaha that makes me really happy... i just gotta say i suddenly had a midweek "my favorites" moment

  1. american idol - again! terribly funny especially the bad singers, i thought i saw some pinoys
  2. bistek - mmm espcially with kalamansi and patis
  3. yahoo messenger - keeps with connected with robert, i love ym's emoticons hahaha
  4. tony bennett unplugged - got the dvd, wonderful just pure pleasure
  5. flixotide - i renewed my covenant with flixotide hahaha and i haven't sneezed for a month or two, it's just heaven

and hell just for the fun of it, i borrow from missfilipina's blog, with a little tinkering of course: 7 things...

7 things i plan to do before i die

  1. meet the pope
  2. publish at least 1 book
  3. bungee jump
  4. speak at least 5 languages
  5. travel the world
  6. photograph all the great churches
  7. amass at least 10,000 books

7 things i can do

  1. touch my toes - surprised?
  2. cook
  3. catch rats - hehehe
  4. compose music
  5. predict rain
  6. make lampposts flicker or die or turn on!
  7. write perfectly straight even without guides

and more to come.... hahahaha if you're not bored yet ^_^


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