Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Boring Week

i guess this is the week i find it most difficult to post... because nothing happened pfft + yes, last saturday i went to tina's to celebrate her 24th <--i just had to post that didn't i hahahaha + yes, i spent relatively the whole week preparing the group's presentation for pharmacology + mmm, but nothing went on really that i guess i'd have fun to talk about + i spent it reading.... reading... reading... + i have fun reading yes but i still remember, nothing beats tina's pansit-kalamansi-rolling story for blog-worthiness story award + anyway mmm...

the favorite thing thingy hahahaha i think i'll skip this when it's a down-week, but yes i still love a lot of things ^_^

  1. rain - i love the rain, i love driving in the rain with dramatic music on, and i don't feel sad! i feel light and inspired<---- yep im a freak
  2. pares - by my mom... just "superrrrrbb" (i know someone's laughing)
  3. marge - congratulations i hope you'll get all the happiness you deserve, this really is our year isn't it?
  4. tina - ^_^ we gotta go out hehehe
  5. the shoes potsy passed on to me <--- great! i love this sneakers that potsy gave me and i've been wearing them to all places i go + and even though he's still on my and mom's noty list tsk tsk tsk, i'm still grateful for the shoes, but potsy if you're reading this, you gotta grow-up a little, you gotta learn to respect your elders... (and i'm serious)


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