Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tell me...

why do i hate going out of the house if it wasn’t absolutely necessary!?

episode one : the witch

i was going to have some pretty important documents copied so i went out to muñoz only to discover copytrade (a copy company i trusted) was closed. so i reluctantly entered this copy store which obviously is trying to imitate copytrade. i thought i should have probably got the vibes on what kind of store it was when i saw the copy ladies chatting and not doing anything productive, but i really needed those documents so… after she copied my docs i paid her a php 50.00 bill and she looked at me with these weird eyes and said that i should go out and have the money broken down. now, i’m a very kind and loving person (hahahaha), but i guess it was her tone and her manner that really ticked me off… there was this girl who i guess doesn’t even qualify to carry a conversation with me dismissing me like a piece of horsedung sticking on her sole.

well… i had the money broken… got it over with… then i dealt with the slimmy witch… (or perhaps another word that rhymes with that)

episode two : during a seminar

why is it called “an opinion!?” maybe because it is! it is our own perception of things. and think about it, don’t most things exist on a continuum, no absolutes, mostly relatives (not talking about god of course). even with a long list of criteria, you cannot define things absolutely without exception. beauty, for example is definitely relative, what is beautiful to certain tribes africa is not beautiful to europeans. so why are some people very insistent on sticking to an orthodox definition, when it is obvious that change is the driving force of the universe?

i’ll not make a big deal out of it… ^_^ i believe that one very important attribute to have is that of objectiveness… open-mindedness, being accepting. and i always try to be that… but i will also stick to my principles…

a synthesis...

i had two recent opportunities (that i remember) that made me reflect the limits of my objectivity… hehehe… well… i must say i got over it… i am surprised how more objective and open-minded i find myself than i thought i was… it’s a good thing though… (i hope) (just get it on baby! kind’a attitude) hahaha

to marge, who’s starting a new chapter… i said it a million times, i trust you all the way…
to tina, who’s on a bit of crisis… hang on… and this is just 24 what about when we’re older, so save more of that frown for later hehehe (when we can afford botox)
to robert, who’s going to start school, woohoo! kick all their asses! show them who’s their daddy (hahahaha) – why am i writing like this???

happy new year everyone!

(a note: these stories occurred a few weeks ago, i did not want to ruin the happiness of the holidays ^_^)

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