Sunday, January 29, 2006

the saturday tradition - eh!?

i missed it hahaha well but i did a midweek favorite roll so i think i'm forgiven ^_^ thank you to all who visit me, i continue to annoy you with this favorites thingy particulary because one person said he likes reading it... ¡gracias! ^_^
  1. mom's ref cake - hated the fruits but loved the cream and the graham hahaha
  2. lola - my first spanish teacher, i can't understand her, she prefers not to speak english to force us to understand hahahaha but i'm loving every minute of spanish class
  3. bacon mushroom melt - mm just heaven
  4. with one more look at you/watch closely now - i'm raising this into my ultimate favorites list, i've posted the lyrics of this song in the past, this is just so emotional and sensual at the same time
  5. my curly locks - im learning to appreciate it, and i've decided i won't have my hair relaxed anymore hahahaha and who said wavy/curly hair isn't beautiful!? we rock tina babe!

i ran into my classmate in sm manila last friday, she's already married, she was with her husband and said they already had a kid. wonderful! ^_^ but makes me feel i'm really becoming a geezer hahahaha

as if it was a day for running into people i know from the past, i ran with my former school bus driver's wife and daughter. it was wonderful seeing them, and, they paid for my fx fare hahaha thank you ^_^ they were really surprised when i showed them potsy's picture all grown up. time really passes by quickly.


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